Business Fuel Cards

Find out how different companies and organisations, large or small, across multiple sectors, can make use of business fuel cards. The information discusses fuel cards for the self-employed and small businesses, as well as for larger companies and organisations.

We also cover some individual sectors, specifically fuel cards for taxi drivers and charities. These are just two of the industries that can make effective use of this method to manage and control fuel expenditure.

fuel cards for farmers

Fuel Cards for Farmers

Farmers use a number of vehicles during their business day and are always on the move. Whether it’s delivering produce, collecting livestock or attending events and shows, the fuel used to do these journeys is all part of a farmer’s business expenses. 

fuel cards for builders

Fuel Cards for Builders

There are a huge variety of businesses within the construction and building trade, each with their own offering and unique service. One thing all businesses have in common is the desire to save money and time wherever possible.

Fuel Cards For Small Fleets

Irrespective of company size, fleet management can take up a considerable amount of your time and annual budget, especially when it comes to fuel. Regardless of whether you are a large or small business, fuel cards should be something that you consider.

Fuel Cards For UK Businesses

Fuel costs can quickly become a large expense for any business, regardless of the number of cars in your fleet. Fuel cards can help to run your fleet more efficiently and take the hassle out of managing fuel expenses.

Fuel Cards For Small Business

fuelGenie gives small businesses like yours access to fuel that is consistently over 3p per litre* cheaper than the national average. You can also save valuable time collecting receipts and dealing with invoices by providing your small business with a single HMRC approved invoice to make VAT reclaim easy.

Fuel Cards For Self Employed

At fuelGenie we know that fuel is one of the biggest expenditures for self employed businesses and even a small saving can have a huge impact on your day to day profit. We also understand that as a sole trader or self employed business your time is limited and it is important to save time where possible.

Fuel Cards For Taxi Drivers

Whether driving as part of a traditional taxi firm or a ride-hailing app – or both – fuel cards for taxi drivers are a great way to stay topped up. They help to keep control of spending, reduce costs and make tax reporting easy and hassle-free.

Fuel Cards For Charities

Many charities incur fuel costs during the course of their work, whether collecting and delivering donations, or travelling to fundraising events, meetings and conferences. As every penny counts for charitable organisations, a simple and cost-effective solution for managing fuel expenditure is absolutely essential.

Fuel Cards For Driving Instructors

Fuel cards offer a way for driving instructors to control and manage the ever-present cost of petrol or diesel. See how they can work for you.