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Name: Mrs Amanda Kirk

Position: Director

fuelGenie is very convenient for us, as a non-profit organisation that helps to stamp out poverty in South Wales.

It was convenient to us to pay for fuel monthly inline with mileage expenses.

We buy petrol from Tesco all the time so we benefit from club card points too.

fuelGenie has helped very much to save us time in admin and the number of receipts we collect.

Name: Mr Andrew Wilson

Position: Owner

I moved to fuelGenie when my previous fuelcard introduced a transaction fee for using their card.

Using fuelGenie has made my life as a business owner easier, I run a home delivery service of organic fruit & veg with a small fleet of 4 vans. Having the fuelGenie cards that enable my drivers to fuel up when they need to is essential, the monthly invoice equally makes it easier for accounting & tax purposes and to ensure my drivers have used the card only in the way they are authorised.

Name: Mr Colin Paterson

Position: Owner

It is an excellent way to manage company fuel usage, so easy to track cards and monitor spending on fuel.

As a start up business cash flow was critical in the early stages of the start up and the main cost was fuel. The fuelGenie cards allowed us to do this without a major hit on the cash flow.

fuelGenie has an easy application, no fuss and no upfront costs to worry about.

Name: Mrs Hannah Williams

Position: Managing Director

Our experience of working with fuelGenie has been extremely positive, we needed a solution to the problem of daily fuel buying and they have delivered!

Our drivers may travel up to three hundred miles per day, so need to be able to refuel as needed, I didn't want them to be out of pocket but I didn't want them having to carry petty cash in their vehicles either as it could have been a security risk.

It was easy to set up the account, very quick and the staff were helpful and friendly. They work with supermarkets, so the fuel available to the drivers is very competitively priced and there was the added benefit of a monthly VAT bill which cuts down on admin time for the office staff.

We no longer have piles of receipts mounting up every month in our intrays.

Name: Mr John Flaherty

Position: Company Secretary

fuelGenie is the easiest, most cost effective fuel management card we have ever used.

We run a fleet of vehicles required for daily business. We need simplicity regarding fueling options for the fleet.

We were looking for a cost effective, simple to use fuel card which could also provide data required for our ISO14001 system.

We don't have to pay a transaction fee every time we use the card either and we no longer collect receipts as the monthly invoice and data download reporting facility of fuelGenie handle this adequately.

Name: Mr Paul Wilkes

Position: Owner

fuelGenie is very easy to use, all invoiced at the end of the month, totally versatile with the sites we can use. It made things easier for me and my drivers to fuel up wherever they are in the UK.

When I started in business about 12 years ago all the main fuel card operators wanted a bond up front, fuelGenie started us on a £500 credit limit and over the months and years now we have built up our credit rating with fuelGenie. So now for me it is about sticking by the company that trusted me as a new company starting out, I get offered fuel cards on a daily basis but I truly believe in loyalty.

Name: Mrs Anna Fisher

Position: Financial Controller

It is a cost effective solution for our company.

Never had any issues with the online system, use in stores and someone is always at the end of the phone for any queries.

We have a fleet of vehicles within the company that fill up every day throughout the year and we didn't want to provide everyone with company charge cards nor expect them to use their own cards.

Within the first 3 months our bills had reduced by 30% and we saved around 3 hours a month reconciling transactions via receipts received from our Sales, Installation & Maintenance Teams.

Name: Mr Mark Hollis

Position: Owner

This is a very convenient fuel card to use as you are never far away from a supermarket and can always be certain of a competitive price. The monthly billing also allows me to receive my payments before having to outlay the cost of the fuel.

I was motivated to get a fuel card due to the convience of being able to supply the drivers with a fuel card that can be used all over the country at sites easily promoted and found.

The major factor was that I had a months credit which really helps cash flow for a small business like us.

Name: Mr Chris Bell

Position: Owner

Fanstastic. Easy to use. Secure. Fast Delivery of new / replacement cards. Easy accounting and one single payment meaning less paperwork - so I have made a work smarter change to my business rather than working harder.

fuelGenie has reduced paperwork and provides an easy solution to track fuel purchases.

We chose fuelGenie as it could be used in Morrisons and Tesco initially and then the network expanded to include Sainsburys too.

Name: Mr Nicholas Seal

Position: Team Leader & Trustee

Excellent service, very easy to use. Makes my life and the teams life a lot easier. The online control panel helps me manage what we are spending without any hassle.

We have a large team of volunteers that use a lottery funded vehicle and without a fuel card it would mean that the team would need to pay for the fuel with their own money when using the vehicle and then reclaim it back, which would create a lot of work. fuelGenie saves me a lot of that.

There is excellent customer service, and supermarket fuel rates. A lot of fuel stations to choose from.

Name: Carl Brayne

While we as a business obviously care about pump prices, for the drivers the single biggest factor is convenience. fuelGenie’s fuel card allows us to combine supporting that convenience with low-cost fuel and also helps us to reduce unnecessary receipts and administration. As a result, it is the only real payment method the business uses.

We’re really pleased with it, as fuel card solution it’s certainly become a critical part of our day-to-day operation. We were also really interested to hear about the launch of the fuelGenie App and have shared this with all of our HOBART UK drivers. We’re hoping this provides even further convenience and support to make their lives easier.

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