Save Money on Business Fuel Costs

Save over 3p per litre on fuel with the fuelGenie fuel card

Start saving on fuel today

Our fuel cards provide business drivers with everyday value pump prices at over 1,350 conveniently located Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's forecourts nationwide. By consistently buying fuel at an average of 3p per litre* less than the national forecourt average, the savings will soon add up.

Unlike most other providers, our fuel cards are also free. Free to get, free to use and what’s more there are no hidden surcharges or minimum spends. You simply pay the pump price for the fuel that your business uses and you’ll receive a single invoice, showing all the transactions made on your fuelGenie account. And it’s not just free for the first year, it’s free all the time!


fuelGenie also offer an alternative solution fuelGenie+ for a small fee. This fuel card solution has an extended network of petrol stations including most Shell sites. Find out more about fuelGenie+.

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Want to save money on business fuel?

Introducing fuelGenie.

The free business fuel card solution that can be used at conveniently located Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s petrol stations…

…ensuring your drivers are filling up with some of the lowest-priced fuel in the UK.

It’s free to apply and free to use…

…with no account fees or hidden surcharges, so your business only pays for the fuel that’s pumped.

And your drivers can even collect supermarket loyalty points each time they pay for business fuel. Pretty genius, eh?

Best of all though, our free fuel cards save hassle and time.

You get as many free fuel cards as you need for your drivers.

And as they don’t have to collect receipts anymore, you save time not having to process them

Instead, you’ll get access to HMRC-approved invoices online for easy VAT reclaim.

You can even set individual driver spend limits and control what they can purchase using our 24/7 online account management system…

including things like car wash, AdBlue

Or even oil top-ups

For complete control wherever you are, our handy fuelGenie app allows you to manage your account on the go…

…while your drivers can use it to find their nearest participating petrol station.

So, simply apply online or give us a call today to start saving with fuelGenie.

Apply now for free