How Do Fuel Cards Work?

Fuel cards work by allowing company individuals to fill up at petrol stations within our network. Instead of paying with cash or credit/debit cards, the company employee simply presents the card to the cashier. The company is billed directly and the employee can collect a receipt as proof of purchase.

Can Anyone Use a Fuel Card?

The fuelGenie fuel card can be used by UK businesses, from SME's to large companies with fleets. Companies can give a fuel card to each employee to use to manage their fuel usage. The company will pay for the fuel. Unfortunately, individuals cannot use a fuel card from fuelGenie.

How to Use a Fuel Card

  • Arrive at any petrol filling station within our network
  • Fuel up your vehicle with the required amount of fuel
  • Present your fuelGenie fuel card along with your points card
  • You will be asked for the VRN
  • You will be asked if you want to record mileage (optional for businesses that record mileage)
  • The fuel card will then be swiped for payment (fuelGenie cannot be used as part payment)
  • Once payment has been authorised you will be asked to sign for transaction
  • You will be given your card with receipts back and you can be on your way!