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RM6000 Fuel Cards and Associated Services Framework

Welcome to fuelGenie.

The dedicated supermarket fuel card which gives access to low cost pump prices with savings of over 3ppl compared to the national average.

The 100% FREE fuel card solution, unlimited free cards and absolutely no transaction charges.

So with the combination of low cost fuel and no fees it’s a great way for you to reduce the overall cost of service provided by the fuelGenie business fuel card.

The great news is that as a public sector organisation you can now:


Access low cost fuel at over 1,370 conveniently located supermarket forecourts


Save valuable time with no OJEU procurement process


Benefit from 45 days payment terms


Get unlimited free fuel cards with no fees or transaction charges


Control drivers spend and where they fill up

Opening an account or switching couldn’t be easier

fuelGenie & Crown Commercial Service (CCS)


fuelGenie has been named as a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) RM6000 Fuel Cards and Associated Services Framework. Operated by the government, the Fuel Cards and Associated Services Framework Agreement offers a multi supplier solution for the provision of a range of fuel cards and associated services. We’re proud to be the only dedicated supermarket fuel card provider listed on the framework. But what does this mean for you?

  • Save time switching or opening a new account with no OJEU procurement, it’s already been done!
  • The terms and conditions are pre-approved and established
  • Providers have completed a rigorous bidding process to ensure that they have met the required CCS supplier standards
  • Customer savings can be realised and delivered year on year

Why choose the fuelGenie fuel card?


fuelGenie, which is owned and operated by the European leader in payments and transactional services, Worldline. With 94% of our customers rating our service as good or excellent, the fuelGenie supermarket fuel card provides a host of other benefits for public sector organisations.

  • Low cost supermarket fuel at over 1,370 forecourts including Tesco, Tesco Express, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Sainsbury’s Local
  • Save over 3p per litre compared to the national average pump price
  • No fees or transaction charges and unlimited free cards. There’s not even a minimum spend!
  • 45 days payment terms guaranteed as part of the CCS framework
  • Control driver spend by ensuring your drivers fill up at the best priced forecourts

Save over 3p per litre compared to the national average


fuelGenie customers buying diesel at Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's saved an average of 3.2 pence per litre when compared to the national average. It's just that simple.

We looked at the difference between the published Government Weekly road fuel prices and the price paid per litre of diesel by fuelGenie customers over a recent 10 week period (05.02.18 – 15.04.18). In fact, the average saving by fuelGenie customers throughout 2017 was a substantial 3.2p per litre. We are constantly monitoring national fuel prices, if you wanted to get the latest Government Weekly road fuel prices you can do so here .


So what next?


Simply submit your details using the form on this page or give our public sector team a call to discuss your requirements on 0345 607 7982

Make sure that you don’t use our standard application form or we wont be able to offer all the benefits of the CCS framework.

*The public sector organisation making the application must be eligible for the CCS framework