Earn Supermarket Loyalty Points*

Row of 3 fuel station loyalty points cards: Shell Go, Morrisons More, Tesco Clubcard and Nectar card.

Get a little back when you fill up with fuelGenie

Encourage your staff to save you more, while they get a little more back. Drivers can benefit from earning supermarket loyalty points when they use their fuelGenie fuel card to buy petrol, diesel, car washes, and oil. This is a great benefit for drivers, by helping the business save using fuelGenie to purchase fuel, they can also save money or gain rewards from the points earned using their loyalty card.

fuelGenie fuel card users can access competitive fuel prices at over 1,350 conveniently located filling stations at Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s forecourts, filling up is easy as there is always a supermarket petrol station close by thanks to the vast UK coverage.

Learn more about our Tesco fuel card partnership, Morrisons fuel card partnership and Sainsbury’s fuel card partnership.

How can drivers earn supermarket loyalty points?

It’s easy for drivers to earn supermarket loyalty point when purchasing petrol, diesel, car washes, and oil. Firstly, your drivers will need to sign up for the relevant supermarket loyalty scheme, so they have their own loyalty card or digital version using the relevant app. Many drivers may already be a member of one of the loyalty programmes, in this case, they can use the card or account they already have. Once drivers are signed up, they simply need to show their card or app when paying using their fuelGenie fuel card, the points will then be automatically added to their loyalty account by the attendant.

How many points can drivers earn?

Each supermarket loyalty scheme has its own points system, these change regularly, and deals can often be found at certain times of the year. Every point system is based on the amount spent, more spending means more points.

To find out the latest offers, the number of points your drivers can earn when buying fuel, and information on how to sign up to each of the loyalty programmes click on the links above.

Shell Go+

fuelGenie+ customers can also benefit from Shell Go+ rewards. Shell’s reward scheme offers great benefits including 10% off delicious food ranges, 10% off hot drinks, money off car lubricants and more. Find out more about Shell Go+.

How to find your nearest petrol station

Finding your nearest petrol station has never been easier with fuelGenie, we have our online petrol station finder, this tool allows you to easily check the filling stations near you by inputting your postcode details. We also have our fuelGenie app, using the app drivers can easily see their nearest petrol stations and compare the price of fuel at each forecourt location.

Businesses can also use the fuelGenie app to manage their fuelGenie account, check and download invoices, apply for a credit increase, and much more. Learn more about the benefits of our fuelGenie app.

* Restrictions may apply, please check with participating supermarkets for more information.

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