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When you rely on your vehicle as part of your daily business, you’ll want to ensure that the fuel you are filling up with is top quality. Some regard supermarket fuel as being inferior, but this is simply not the case.

Did you know supermarkets provide over 40% of the nation's road fuels every day?

With supermarket fuel, quality is guaranteed

Tesco Petrol Filling Stations test their fuels over and over again to ensure they meet or exceed every applicable quality standard.

Every refinery or blender, manufactures unleaded and diesel to the British Standard and every production batch is tested and certified before release into the supply chain. Typically, at any refinery or oil depot you will witness the tankers of all branded retailers filling from the same common wholesale tanks.

"We regularly test our suppliers to make sure they have competent quality control programmes," explains Jerry Burton, Tesco's Fuels Technical Manager. "Then, every month, we sample fuels direct from the pump nozzles, so we're testing the exact same petrol and diesel our customers put in their cars".

Burton continues, "You can be certain in all our fuels’ excellent quality, as you would expect from any leading fuel retailer"

Adding more

However, testing fuel quality is only one part of the process. Tesco also adds special additives to its fuels in order to help keep your engine clean inside and performing at optimum efficiency:

  • Detergents to help clean the inside of your engine
  • Dispersants to help stop the build-up of contaminants
  • Anti-corrosion agents to help protect engine components
  • Momentum99 fuel contains performance enhancers to increase power and efficiency

So why is supermarket fuel cheaper?

Supermarket fuels are cheaper as their forecourts sell such vast quantities and operating costs are therefore spread over higher volumes. These savings are then passed onto our customers.

And why Tesco?

  • All Tesco fuels meet or exceed every European fuel standard, and its Momentum99 super-unleaded has a guaranteed minimum octane rating of 99
  • Tesco Petrol Filling Stations inspect and test their fuels all year round, to check seasonal variation in fuel is where it should be
  • Tesco benchmarks the quality of its fuels monthly against rival retailers. It often comes from the same refineries, but our additives are designed to offer enhanced performance

fuelGenie+ Fuel Quality

With a fuelGenie+ fuel card customers also have access to most Shell petrol stations. Shell offers exceptional fuel quality in their standard range and excellent premium fuel options. Shell V-Power fuel is Britain's number 1 performance fuel, offering unbeatable engine protection against fuel deposits. Find out more about Shell V-Power fuel.

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