Fuel Card Fleet Management

Manage your fleet online with fuelGenie

A key benefit that the fuelGenie fuel card offers your business is the chance to very simply and efficiently manage the fuel accounts for your fleet of vehicles. You will have the ability to assign one fuel card per vehicle or staff member and all fuelGenie transactions are consolidated into a single monthly invoice. This invoice is sent electronically to your registered email address on or near the first working day of the month.


You can set your credit limit by simply entering the value that your business uses on fuel each month. This limit is for the whole account, so your business spend will be set to this amount, irrespective of the number of cards you use.

We have different payment options available, so you can select the plan that suits your business best. From 45 days credit to monthly or twice monthly payment plans, there’s flexibility to ensure that you stay on top of your business finances.

If your credit limit is not enough or you reach your limit before the end of the month, you can contact us to arrange a twice monthly billing, or a credit increase.


Your invoice will show transactions for each fuelGenie card, broken down by date, time, location and value. It will also show a comprehensive VAT breakdown which can be used to claim VAT back from HMRC. You can download an example fuelGenie invoice here .

Payment is by monthly direct debit, on the 12th day of the month, or the next banking day after that.