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fuelGenie+ is everything our customers love about fuelGenie plus more locations, flexibility and benefits for just a small card fee. If you’ve heard about fuelGenie before you’ll know about our great benefits, if not discover the benefits of fuelGenie. Or you can use the table below to compare fuelGenie and fuelGenie+.

With our fuel cards, you'll only ever pay pump prices - unlike other providers we don't apply surcharges. Drivers can fill up at over 2,200 locations across the UK including most Shell stations. Controlling spend has never been easier - and you'll always know what your drivers are purchasing, from fuel and oil to car washes.

With more places to stop off for a break, refuel and refresh, convenience will never be an issue. Your drivers can use our app to find petrol stations quickly and you can make light work of admin with our account management features - even better!

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Absolutely no hidden surcharges

Fuel pump

Low-cost supermarket prices

Clock indicating 24 hours

Fill up around the clock with 24/7 facilities at selected sites

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Find out which of our fuel cards is right for your business with our handy comparison.

Absolutely no hidden card fees
No surcharges - simply pay pump prices for fuel
Low-cost supermarket prices
Drivers collect supermarket loyalty points
Save admin time and claim VAT back easily with HMRC compliant invoices
Ease and convenience of managing your account on-the-go
Quickly find the nearest fuelGenie / fuelGenie+ petrol station using our app
Easy access to excellent UK-based customer service team
Take control and set limits or purchase options (fuel, oil, car wash)
24/7 facilities at selected sites to stop, refuel and refresh
More options for larger vehicle access at selected sites
More locations for more choice
1350 petrol stations
2200+ petrol stations
Annual card charge
£6 per year

More on fuelGenie+

fuelGenie+ provides drivers with greater access to petrol stations throughout the country, including on major transit routes and in cities and towns. Drivers benefit from the added convenience of on-site facilities such as food and drink, Wi-Fi, seating areas and restroom facilities. You might think these fantastic benefits are going to come at a huge cost, think again! At fuelGenie we are always transparent with our charges, as a fuelGenie+ customer you’ll only pay the price at the pump for fuel, plus a small monthly card fee.

To make things even easier we’ve designed our very own fuel card app, drivers can use the app to find their nearest fuelGenie+ eligible petrol station and you can use it to control fuel expenditure. Make VAT reclaim easy with access to HMRC approved invoices, manage fuel cards and drivers on the go, and control individual driver spend. Find out more about our fuel card app.


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