Fuel Card Types

Vehicle Fuel Cards

There are various vehicle fuel cards out there, which may be suitable for different vehicles and different businesses, with different sizes of fleet. Here’s how to choose the right approach for your particular circumstances and requirements.


Fuel Cards With No Fees

When choosing a fuel card, it’s important to look at any associated costs and expenses. Fuel cards with no fees offer savings for businesses. After all, why pay for a whole range of extra charges on top of paying for fuel?

Fuel Cards with No Annual Charge

Using a fuel card to manage fuel expenditure often makes great business sense. It provides a way for drivers to pay for fuel using a company issued fuel card, eliminating the complication of expense claims while avoiding the risk of giving out company debit or credit cards.

Diesel Fuel Cards

Diesel fuel cards are ideal for small business, owner-operators and commercial fleets in the UK. Learn more about diesel fuel cards and how they work.

Which Fuel Cards Are Best?

To determine which fuel card is best for you, it’s important to understand that there is now a wide range of fuel cards available to businesses. Selecting the best one from the array of options available can seem a big job. But finding the right fuel card for your business can save you a lot of time and money.

Pre Paid Fuel Cards

The fuelGenie Pre-pay account is an alternative to our credit account. To enjoy all the other benefits of fuelGenie, you simply need to make a security deposit that will act as your credit limit.