How to use your fuelGenie+ card at most Shell petrol stations

fuelGenie+ is the business fuel card that costs just 50p a month per card. It has a network of petrol stations that include low-cost supermarket pump prices at Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsburys plus most Shell garages all over the UK. Business owners get loads of benefits like a handy app for easier admin and simplified VAT reclaim. Drivers get a quick, simple way to pay and the chance to pick up some rewards too. If you want to know just how easy it is to use your fuelGenie+ card at Shell, follow our step-by-step instructions. We’ve broken the guide down into business owners and fleet operators (who need to do their bit first) and drivers.

 Business owners and fleet operators

  1. Apply for fuelGenie+

Applying for fuelGenie+ only takes a few mins. You’ll need to fill in a few details and have your company info on hand to prove you’re a registered business. Once you’ve applied, we’ll conduct some credit checks. If you’re approved, we’ll send out a welcome pack with your cards and a quick guide.

  1. Activate your account

In your welcome pack, you’ll find a letter which includes your activation code. Head to our website and click “Activate account” in the top right. It’ll ask you to enter the code and answer a question, which you’ll have set up during the application. It really is that simple.

  1. Log in

As soon as your account is activated, we’ll send over your log in details via email. Open it up to discover your chosen username and a temporary password. Use these details to log into our portal and then change your password to something personal, that you’ll remember.

  1. Download the app

It’s time to download our app from the App Store or Google Play (for android users). You can use it to view your account, see cardholders and edit their details, adjust limits, check your balance and more. Encourage your drivers to download it too. They can use it compare fuel prices and find nearby fuelGenie+ locations.

  1. Dish out the cards

All that’s left is to hand out the fuel cards to your drivers. You can have as many as you want for just 50p a month per card. To make sure they’re used by the right people, they can be assigned to individual drivers or a specific vehicle by adding the registration details.

Using your fuelGenie+ card at Shell


  1. Find the closest participating Shell

Our Shell locations are on key transit routes, A-roads or a short detour from the motorway. But drivers that travel up and down the country can’t be expected to remember all the best places to refuel. That’s why we created a helpful app. With it, your employees can find the closest nearby participating Shell petrol station. Not only that, they can use the app to compare prices to make sure they find the most affordable location.

  1. Fill up with fuel

After your driver has chosen and driven to a participating Shell garage, they’re ready to refuel. fuelGenie+ acts in the same way as any Shell fuel card so there’s no additional steps to take or complicated procedures. Drivers just need to choose ‘Pay at kiosk’ to use it and simply fill up as normal with the right fuel for the vehicle.

  1. Use your Shell Go+ card

Once your driver has refuelled, they need to head inside. But before they hand over fuelGenie+, they can use their Shell Go+ app, key fob or card. It gives drivers 10% off Deli2Go food, hot drinks, motor oil, Super Shine car wash or Quick Wash, every time. Plus, if they spend £10 or more on fuel (or £2 on food), they can collect a ‘Visit’. And every 10 visits you get money off fuel. You can sign up here.

  1. Pay

Now it’s time to pay. Drivers just need their fuelGenie+ card – no cash or collecting receipts. They simply hand it over to the Shell staff member to cover the cost of the fuel. They might need to give their registration number, the vehicle mileage (if your company needs this detail) or sign the receipt to confirm their identity.

Ready to apply?

These easy steps are all it takes to use a fuelGenie+ card at participating Shell garages. It couldn’t be simpler, quicker or more convenient for you and your drivers. If you’d like to apply for fuelGenie+ or fuelGenie (our original free fuel card), visit our website. As we said above, just make sure you’ve got key details about your company to hand so you can complete the application form straight away.

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