Diesel Fuel Cards

Diesel fuel cards are ideal for small business, owner-operators and commercial fleets in the UK. Diesel fuel cards allow you to fill up your vehicle with diesel and pay using the fuel card account instead of cash or a debit / credit card. Most fuel cards including fuelGenie allow you to pay for both petrol and diesel depending on which fuel your vehicle takes. Learn more about diesel fuel cards and how they work.


What are diesel fuel cards?

Fuel cards work by allowing employees of a company to fill up at participating petrol stations, and pay with the fuel cards instead of using cash or a credit/debit card. The company is then charged directly and the transaction is recorded and – in the case of fuelGenie – added to a total invoice issued to the company at the end of each credit period. The employee can also collect a receipt as proof of purchase, if desired. Find out more about how fuel cards work in our fuel card guide.





Why use fuel cards to fill up on diesel?

Fuel cards offer an excellent range of advantages for owner-operators, small businesses and commercial fleets alike.

fuelGenie’s fuel cards provide businesses with all these benefits:


Diesel fuel cards for owner-operators

Diesel and petrol fuel cards from fuelGenie are an ideal way to keep on top of your own fuel expenditure, as well giving a boost to personal finances by allowing the collection and use of loyalty points, which can be spent on groceries and other essentials. 

Diesel fuel cards for small business

With multiple drivers on the road, use of fuelGenie’s diesel and petrol fuel cards help to minimise spending and harmonise operations by directing employees towards the lower-cost forecourts and generating standardised invoices for accounts.

Diesel fuel cards for commercial fleets

As the fleet size grows, efficiency and economy of scale becomes more and more important. With one unified online system for recording, tracking and analysing transactions and spending, fuelGenie helps larger fleets stay on top of fuel expenditure and reporting.

Diesel fuel cards from fuelGenie

fuelGenie is one of the UK’s go-to diesel fuel card providers, not least because there is no upfront fee and the cards are 100% free.

The fuelGenie cards have an added cost advantage: its focus on supermarket forecourts is designed to take advantage of the much cheaper fuel on offer at these: on average more than 3 pence cheaper than the national standard.

The combination of the free cards and management software, along with the low-price fuel, easily puts fuelGenie among the cheapest diesel fuel cards available.

Find out more about fuelGenie fuel cards

Filling up on diesel or petrol with fuelGenie cards means cheaper fuel, greater control, easier reporting for accounts and better operational efficiencies, for owner-operators, small businesses and commercial fleets alike.

Learn more about the benefits of the fuelGenie cards, and how business fuel cards work.


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