Fuel Cards for Small Business

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses for small businesses. A fuelGenie fuel card can help small businesses save time and money.


How Fuel Cards Can Benefit Small Businesses

fuelGenie gives small businesses like yours access to fuel that is consistently over 3p per litre* cheaper than the national average. You can also save valuable time collecting receipts and dealing with invoices by providing your small business with a single HMRC approved invoice to make VAT reclaim easy.

Where can I use the fuelGenie fuel card

fuelGenie can be used at over 1,370 Tesco , Morrisons and Sainsbury’s petrol filling stations There is always one nearby so you can refuel your vehicle whilst you are going about your day to day business. Take a look and find your nearest petrol filling station .

Small Business Fuel Card Reviews

We help many small businesses manage their fuel expenses on a day to day basis. Total fabric Solutions are just one of our small business customers who use a fuelGenie fuel card to manage their drivers fuel expenses.

Colin the owner of Total Fabric Solutions:

“It is an excellent way to manage company fuel usage, so easy to track cards and monitor spending on fuel.

As a start up business cash flow was critical in the early stages of the start up and the main cost was fuel. The fuelGenie cards allowed us to do this without a major hit on the cash flow.”

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Fuel Card for Small Business Benefits

  • Earn Supermarket Loyalty Points
  • Pre-Approved HMRC Invoices For Easy VAT Reclaim
  • Manage your fleet online
  • Unlimited Free Cards
  • Save over 3p per litre
  • Quality Fuel

Find out more about the benefits of a fuelGenie fuel card or if you’re ready you can start your application.