Fuel Cards for Small Business

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses for A fuelGenie fuel card can help small businesses save time and money by directing drivers to conveniently located supermarket fuel stations where the price of fuel is up to 3p less per litre*. This article looks at the benefits of a fuel card for small businesses and how to get started with a fuel card, it’s quick, easy and can all be done online.

How Fuel Cards Can Benefit Small Businesses

Save on the cost of fuel

Small businesses can benefit from a fuel card in several ways, one of the key and arguably most valuable benefits is the savings made on the price of fuel. A fuelGenie fuel card restricts drivers to Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s petrol stations, where fuel is cheaper than the national average, saving your business valuable money over time. Our data shows that when drivers consistently fill up at supermarkets businesses can save up to 3p per litre* on fuel.

For a business that has 1 driver averaging 20,000 miles a year at a fuel efficiency of 68MPG, by switching to fuelGenie that driver alone could save over £40 on fuel. Multiply this by several drivers with more mileage and you can see how the savings stack up.

fuelGenie is completely free to apply for and use so as a small business you don’t need to worry about any additional costs when choosing to use a fuelGenie fuel card.

Save time processing receipts

Time is money and processing fuel receipts is a difficult and arduous task, drivers may misplace receipts, or they might be unwilling to purchase fuel using their own money and wait for a refund. A fuelGenie fuel card takes the hassle out of paying for business fuel, each driver receives their own fuel card, and the invoice goes directly to the business. VAT reclaim is also made easy with fuelGenie, you can login and download a single HMRC approved invoice, saving time and hassle for your small business.


Earn supermarket loyalty points

When filling up using a fuelGenie fuel card your drivers can also benefit by collecting supermarket loyalty points at Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. This is a great incentive for drivers to use the fuelGenie fuel card as they can put these points towards their shopping or other purchase. Small businesses can find it hard to offer rewards to employees as money can be tight, this is a great free reward that your drivers can benefit from without any additional expense. Find out more about how drivers can earn supermarket loyalty points with fuelGenie.

Where can I use the fuelGenie fuel cards?

We understand that as a small business you need to be able to refill quickly, easily and without going too far out of your way, after all time is essential. At fuelGenie we have partnered with Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s to provide you with over 1,350 petrol stations where you can use your fuelGenie fuel card, there is always one nearby so you can refuel your vehicle whilst you are going about your day-to-day business. To make it even easier to locate your nearest petrol station or plan your route we have developed our petrol station finder, simply type in your postcode to find fuelGenie eligible petrol stations in your area.

fuelGenie App

Along with our online petrol station finder drivers can use our fuelGenie App to find their nearest petrol station, this is great for drivers on the move or in a new location. Only ever use the fuelGenie app when safely parked and not whilst driving. Drivers can also look at fuel prices using the fuel card app and compare the prices of fuel at other fuelGenie eligible petrol stations on their route, so they can not only choose the most convenient petrol station but the cheapest too!

Our fuelGenie app also has some other great benefits for busy small businesses that need to get things done in a hurry. You can manage your fuelGenie account using the app, this includes:

  • View your account summary 
  • Manage cards and account settings
  • See balances, spend, view and downloads Invoices and the next Direct Debit amount and more
  • Apply for a credit limit increase

Discover more great benefits of the fuelGenie App.

Small Business Fuel Card Reviews

We help many small businesses manage their fuel expenses on a day to day basis. Total fabric Solutions are just one of our small business customers who use a fuelGenie fuel card to manage their drivers' fuel expenses.

Colin the owner of Total Fabric Solutions:

“It is an excellent way to manage company fuel usage, so easy to track cards and monitor spending on fuel.

As a start-up business cash flow was critical in the early stages of the start-up and the main cost was fuel. The fuelGenie cards allowed us to do this without a major hit on the cash flow.”

Read more fuel card reviews

Fuel Cards for Small Business Benefits

There are many benefits of fuel cards for small businesses, the key benefits of using a fuelGenie fuel card for your small business are listed below.

  • Save over 3p per litre*
  • No minimum contract or usage
  • Free to apply and use
  • Earn Supermarket Loyalty Points
  • Pre-Approved HMRC Invoices For Easy VAT Reclaim
  • Manage your fleet online
  • Unlimited Free Cards
  • Flexible payment terms

Find out more about the benefits of a fuelGenie fuel card or if you’re ready to apply for a fuel card you can use our quick online application form to get started, remember fuelGenie is completely free to apply for and use, there is no minimum contract or usage so you have nothing to lose, give it a try.

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