Fuel Cards For UK Businesses

Fuel costs can quickly become a large expense for any business, regardless of the number of cars in your fleet. A fuel card can help to run your fleet more efficiently and take the hassle out of managing fuel expenses


Why do UK businesses need a fuel card?

A fuel card works by allowing individuals within UK businesses to fill up at petrol stations without the need of cash or credit/debit cards. The employee simply presents the fuel card to the cashier and the fuel is billed directly to the company in one straightforward, HMRC-approved invoice.

Fuel cards also reduce the amount of paperwork needed and can be managed anywhere, any time through an online account management system, making the overall management of your business fuel quicker and smoother.


Where can I fill up?

If your business spends a great deal of time travelling across the UK, a fuel card can make a big difference to your company’s overall fuel costs. With a fuelGenie fuel card you will be able to consistently save on fuel expenses. This is because it works exclusively at supermarket forecourts belonging to Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, where fuel tends to cost 3p less per litre than the national average. Unlike many other providers, fuelGenie’s card is free to sign up to, free to use and has no minimum spend. What’s more, there is no minimum contract term.

With over 1,370 locations across the UK, you can be sure to always have a fuelGenie fuel card friendly petrol station nearby. fuelGenie has teamed up with some of the UK’s largest supermarkets including Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s to ensure good coverage wherever in the UK you might be travelling.

To find your nearest UK fuel card petrol station, try the quick and easy petrol station finder.

Quick and easy invoicing for UK businesses

With a fuel card such as the fuelGenie fuel card you can save time and resource as you do not have to manually save and process paper receipts. Each account will receive an HMRC approved invoice with a comprehensive VAT breakdown making the reclaim process easier.

Each invoice is broken down by each active fuelGenie card, transaction date, time, location and value, making it easier than ever to keep track of individual fuel use within a fleet. You can even add in information relevant to your own business, such as cost centres.

Mrs. Anna Fisher, Financial Controller at Key Managed Services, commented on the use of a fuel card saying: “Within the first 3 months our bills had reduced by 30% and we saved around 3 hours a month reconciling transactions via receipts received from our Sales, Installation & Maintenance Teams."

Applying for a UK Business Fuel Card

Applying for a UK Business fuel card is really simple. There are no minimum requirements to apply for a fuelGenie fuel card so you can apply regardless of whether your business operates just one vehicle across the UK or thousands.

With ‘Manage My Account’, fuelGenie’s online account management system, it’s now easier than ever to manage your fuel expenses while on the road. And if you have a large fleet operating across multiple locations, several cards can be linked to the same account for seamless use.

Learn more about the benefits of the fuelGenie card, and  how it can help your organisation.

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