Choosing a Fleet Fuel Card

When choosing your fleet fuel cards, you need to consider a number of factors before coming to a decision on the card that will be most beneficial to your business.  In this guide we’ll cover:



Where can you use your fuel cards?

Fuel cards work by allowing your employees to pay for fuel at petrol stations with the fuel cards instead of cash or a debit/credit card. Each fuel card is affiliated to a different network of petrol stations where it can be used to purchase fuel; therefore, it is important to choose a fleet fuel card that is convenient and works around your drivers’ routes.

fuelGenie fuel cards can be used at over 1,370 Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s petrol stations. Use our Petrol Station Finder to locate the forecourts on your drivers’ routes.


Fleet management options

Fleet fuel cards often come with options to enable businesses to manage their fleet more efficiently. A company with several drivers will benefit from each vehicle or driver having their own fuel card allowing drivers to operate independently. In addition to this, businesses can also benefit from the ability to manage individual employee/ card/ vehicle spend and calculate where savings can be made.

fuelGenie fuel cards can be allocated to each vehicle or staff member, this information is then consolidated into one easy online account management system and a single invoice. This details out transactions for each fuel card, broken down by date, time location and value.


Fuel cards costs

When selecting fleet fuel cards for your business it is important to examine the costs associated with each fuel card option. Some fuel cards appear to offer savings on the fuel at the forecourt but then charge for things such as a network service fee or an annual card charge. Examples of other charges to look out for include replacement card charge, change of details and convenience charge, take a look at our fuel cards with no fees guide for more details on the costs and fees to look out for.

fuelGenie is completely transparent with the costs associated with the fuel cards, it is free to apply for and there are no fees for normal business use. Fuel can be a huge expense for businesses with fleets, that’s why we partner with Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s to offer fuel that saves businesses over 3p per litre.


fuelGenie fuel card benefits

With no card or transaction fees, good network coverage and the ability to assign fuel cards to individual employees, the fuelGenie fuel cards are a great choice for businesses with fleets. Find our full list of benefits below:

So, if you’re looking for fleet fuel cards with great benefits then fuelGenie is the fuel card for you. If you're still not sure take a look at our article are fuel cards worth it?

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