Fuel cards with rewards

There are many fuel cards on the market, each offering a different set of benefits for their customers. In addition to the main benefits on offer for business, there are also the hidden benefits for drivers, as a result of a fuel card working in partnership with certain petrol stations. In this instance we are referring to supermarket loyalty points. These loyalty points can be used on future purchases to save a driver money on fuel and other goods and services.

Supermarket loyalty points

When drivers fill up their vehicles with a fuelGenie fuel card they can also use their personal supermarket loyalty points card to collect points. These points can be used for fuel or other purchases. Each supermarket has their own loyalty card with different benefits and number of points collected. Many supermarkets now partner with other businesses they own or are connected to, this provides loyalty point holders with additional opportunities to spend their points. For example, Nectar, the Sainsburys loyalty points card allows you to collect points and spend points at over 300 locations. Large retailers such as Argos, ASOS, eBay, Dunelm, and more are a part of the Nectar card scheme. For business owners Nectar also has business offers that can be used to save money on business services or vehicle repairs. These rewards are perfect for owner operators who drive and manage their business.

Petrol offers

Drivers should keep a keen eye out for any loyalty point offers on fuel. Some loyalty programmes offer double points or a bumper amount of loyalty points at specific times of the year on fuel. The best way that drivers can be aware of these offers is by checking the loyalty card website, app, or following them on social media. Social media is often the avenue that loyalty points providers use to display their offers first. Many loyalty point schemes also have an app which drivers can use to keep track of their loyalty points and view the latest offers. For drivers that are very keen on making the most of their points they can turn on app notification and be directly notified of any deals or offers relevant to them.

Competing supermarkets

Supermarkets are in fierce competition. Many products have very little margin, supermarkets need to sell in volume to make profits and continue to grow. This competitive nature can be seen in their adverts and deals which often mention competing supermarket prices. They are also known for loss leaders, purposely selling some products at a loss to encourage people to visit and shop with them. Many people will choose to purchase a few items they need when in a supermarket for a specific offer, supermarkets use this to their advantage. Loyalty card holders can benefit from this competitive nature. Supermarkets compete on fuel prices and their loyalty discounts. Encourage drivers to become a part of all of the supermarket loyalty point schemes, they have nothing to lose and could save themselves some money.

Personalised offers

The purpose of a loyalty points card is to encourage customers to keep shopping with that supermarket, and to provide the supermarket with consumer data and trends. Most of the big loyalty point schemes provide personalised discounts for shoppers who regularly purchase specific items. Drivers can benefit from the points collected when they fill up with their fuelGenie fuel card and use the points to purchase personalised deals and offers based on their purchase behaviour.

Company benefits

Drivers are in short supply and demand is high for good drivers. Many businesses are offering signing on bonuses and other rewards to encourage drivers to come work for their company. Small businesses will struggle to compete with the rewards that larger businesses can provide to drivers. Although supermarket loyalty points aren’t necessarily a huge pull for drivers, they can be seen as a little extra incentive. This is also a benefit that businesses don't need to pay for. Simply by being part of fuelGenie drivers can collect loyalty points when they fill up and pay with their fuel card. There are no catches or payments needed, fuelGenie is free with no monthly costs and no costs to sign up.

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