Business fuel cards for pool vehicles

Pool vehicles are a great option for businesses. They offer a flexible and more affordable alternative to providing company cars, especially if your organisation only needs transport on an ad hoc basis. Any team member can use the vehicle, for company purposes, as and when they need it.

Despite their benefits, pool cars have complications. With multiple drivers, it’s harder to track, control and reduce fuel expenditure. One way to simplify the process, is by using a business fuel card. Find out what they are, the advantages, which features to look out for and how to choose the right option.

What are business fuel cards?

As the name suggests, these fuel cards are only available for registered businesses. Different cards have different features – from restricting drivers to low-cost fuel, management tools, ways to ease cashflow and more. fuelGenie, is a free business fuel card, that offers business owners and fleet managers a range of benefits, at no cost.

Advantages of a business fuel card for pool vehicles:

Cost savings with low-cost supermarket fuel

fuelGenie uses the low-cost supermarket network of Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. Drivers with a fuelGenie card can only fill up at participating forecourts which prevents overspending at high-cost motorway services or more expensive providers. The fuelGenie app also lets drivers see fuel prices, to find the best value. Using the supermarket network and encouraging drivers to try the price comparison is an easy way for businesses to save money.

Convenience with 1,350 locations

Although fuelGenie is limited to supermarket petrol stations, there’s no shortage of locations for drivers to choose from. There are over 1,350 participating forecourts conveniently located up and down the country.

No need for credit cards or receipts

When employees use a pool vehicle, they usually need to fill up before returning it to company premises. To pay for the fuel, the business would have to provide a company credit card, and the employee would retain the receipt to record the expense later. With fuelGenie, the drivers simply hand over the fuel card and the transaction is logged digitally. There’s no risk of lost receipts and less time spent on admin.

One simple invoice

A pool car, used by various drivers, could result in a high volume of individual expenses to process. With a mountain of receipts, this can be frustrating and highly time-consuming. As fuelGenie transactions are logged electronically, there’s no need to collate expenditure. Instead, it all appears on one simple invoice. Better still, the invoice is HMRC approved so VAT reclaim is much simpler. Every payment is broken down by location, date, time and value, alongside a comprehensive VAT breakdown.

Features to look out for:

Spending controls

Another way to manage pool vehicle expenses is by choosing a card that allows you to set spend limits. fuelGenie lets you set, amend and restrict spending on any card for fuel and other purchase options like oil, AdBlue (for certain diesel cars) or the car wash.

Account management tools

Make changes to your account and manage your fleet on-the-go online or with the fuelGenie app:

  • View your account summary
  • Look at previous invoices
  • Check balance and available spend
  • Create or adjust spend limits
  • See all your cardholders, order or cancel cards and change details (for free)
  • Apply for a credit limit increase

Flexible payment terms

Cashflow problems are a common concern for businesses. That’s why fuelGenie has different payment options so you can select the right plan for your business. We always try to be flexible so if you need support, get in touch with our UK-based customer service team.

Choosing the right fuel card:

Our original free fuelGenie card is the ideal option for businesses who need a simple, cost-free fuel card. There are no account fees, card fees or hidden surcharges. Plus you can order as many cards as you want at no extra cost. Choose to order multiple for individual drivers or just one that’s linked to the pool vehicle’s registration.

If you feel your business needs a larger network of locations, including most Shell petrol stations, or added perks like 24/7 site facilities and larger vehicle access – try fuelGenie+. For all these additional benefits, it’s just 50p a month per card. Find out more here.

Success stories:

We’re committed to helping businesses save time and money with fuelGenie. But don’t just take our word for it:

“Our vehicles are driven by many employees, so we have one card per vehicle - which is fab!” Jan Croall, System Wise Ltd.

“No need for employee credit cards and easier to keep an eye on spend.” – Sue Britton, Gary Britton Electrical Contractor Ltd.

“Easy access to fuel stations, map on app helps locate them. Stops drivers fuelling on motorway.” Martin Ward,

Ready to get on the road with fuelGenie?

If you’re a business with a pool vehicle, full fleet or just one or two – you can apply for fuelGenie. Signing up online is quick, easy and free with just your company and bank details. If you have any questions or need further support, call us on 0345 371 2490 or email

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