Which fuel cards for which vehicle and fleet types?

There are various vehicle fuel cards out there, which may be suitable for different vehicles and different businesses, with different sizes of fleet. Here’s how to choose the right approach for your particular circumstances and requirements.

Vehicles can also be differentiated by fuel requirements. Many business and commercial vehicles run on diesel, while others are reliant on petrol. Whether your business operates vehicles running on either, or both, it is crucial to ensure that the fuel card you choose provides access to the correct fuel.

Fuel cards such as fuelGenie allows for flexibility by making it possible to pay for either. This comes in handy when changing or adding vehicles, for example in response to changes in tax policy, as we have recently seen in the case of diesel.

Choosing fuel cards: Types of business

Different types of business may have slightly different needs and requirements when it comes to fuel cards. For example, a highly active courier service covering many miles in the course of its daily deliveries will be different from a law firm providing company cars for senior partners to travel to meetings.

Small owner-operators and micro-businesses are often pressed for time and resources, while larger businesses must stay on top of expenditure and admin across multiple vehicles and drivers. In all cases, fuelGenie fuel cards can provide a solution because they are flexible, efficient and suitable for all types of business, regardless of sector or fuel consumption levels.

The HMRC-approved invoices make VAT reclaim easy and simple, reducing the time pressures for small owner-operators and boosting operational efficiency for larger businesses. Online account management allows effortless administration of cards, reports and payments.

The focus on cheaper supermarket fuel makes fuelGenie a smart business choice for businesses of any size.

Choosing fuel cards: Size of fleet

Commercial fleets vary in size, from a single car or van doing local and regional trips, to a whole fleet of vehicles travelling around the country. While different sizes of fleet have different requirements and considerations, fuel cards by fuelGenie hold general as well as size-specific benefits.

For small fleets, the advantages of using fuel cards are not purely limited to the cost benefits of fuelGenie’s partnership with low-cost supermarket forecourts. The individual driver can also benefit from supermarket loyalty points, which they collect when filling up and accumulate over time, to spend towards groceries or other goods. These provide a welcome boost to their personal shopping budget.

While this also holds true for larger fleets, they may be more attracted by other key benefits including control, operational efficiency and ease of reporting. fuelGenie’s online account management system, combined with the HMRC-approved invoices generated, make it the perfect system for managing multiple vehicles, drivers and fuel cards.

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