Fuel Cards for Farmers

Farmers use a number of vehicles during their business day and are always on the move. Whether it’s delivering produce, collecting livestock or attending events and shows, the fuel used to do these journeys is all part of a farmer’s business expenses. A fuel card is a great way for farmers to keep track of business fuel costs whilst also making savings and reducing time spent on administrative tasks. When looking to select a fuel card for a farming or agriculture business we recommend doing research to ensure you choose the fuel card that best fits your business needs.

What is the cost of a fuel card?

Some fuel cards charge a cost for joining the service, each time a card is used and for replacement cards, invoicing, changing your details etc. You can see what charges to watch out for when selecting a fuel card for farmers in our guide on Fuel Cards with No Fees. fuelGenie fuel cards are free to apply for and completely fee for normal use, this means no network or service charges. You can also save on fuel with a fuelGenie fuel card by consistently directing drivers to low-cost supermarket fuelling stations, this equates to an average saving of over 3p* per litre.

fuelGenie fuel card benefits

With fuel saving, no card or transaction fees, good network coverage and competitive credit facility a fuelGenie fuel card is a great choice for farmers and those in agricultural businesses. Find our full list of benefits below:

  • Savings of over 3p/litre by consistently directing drivers to low-cost supermarket fuelling stations*
  • No fees to pay
  • 24/7 online dashboard for easy admin and management
  • HMRC-approved invoices for easy VAT reclaim
  • Competitive credit facility with no minimum spend
  • Unlimited number of free fuel cards
  • It allows drivers to gain reward points on supermarket loyalty cards

So, if you’re looking for a fuel card for farming or agriculture fuelGenie is a great option, with multiple benefits and an easy application process.

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