Fuel Cards for Housing Associations

Working with a housing associations group typically involves commuting between properties, and with the increase in petrol and diesel prices, it’s important to save the pennies where possible. Providing fuel cards to staff members is a great method to control fuel expenses and save on both the cost of fuel and administration time, which is important in today’s economic climate.

How do fuel cards for housing association drivers work?

Fuel cards are simple to use; employees only need to present the fuel card at participating stations to pay for their fuel. Drivers won't need to carry company cash or keep track of receipts to recoup expenses when using a fuel card. Also, with fuelGenie cards, drivers can earn supermarket rewards on each transaction.

Where can fuel cards be used?

Depending on your housing association's team and where they are primarily based will be deciding factors in the selection of the type of fuel card needed. The majority of fuel cards can only be used at fuel stations that accept them, thus it's critical to confirm the coverage of a fuel card before committing.

fuelGenie offers the fuelGenie and fuelGenie+ fuel card solutions. Your drivers can use fuelGenie fuel cards at Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's stations and because there are no fees to join the scheme and you can have unlimited free cards. It is the ideal choice if you're seeking an affordable strategy to control fuel costs.


With a fuelGenie+ card, drivers can fill up at more than 2,200 locations throughout the UK, including most Shell stations. Your drivers can now manage their spending with ease, and you'll always know what they're purchasing.

Our app makes finding fuel stations easy while your drivers enjoy the convenience of refuelling, taking a break and getting refreshed. It’s all possible using our account management features, which allow you to streamline administration.

How to use a fuel card

  • Arrive at any petrol filling station within our network
  • Fuel up your vehicle with the required amount of fuel
  • Present your fuelGenie or fuelGenie+ fuel card along with your loyalty card if you have one
  • You will be asked for the VRN
  • You will be asked if you want to record mileage (optional)
  • The fuel card will then be swiped for payment (fuelGenie and fuelGenie+ cannot be used as part payment)
  • Once payment has been authorised, you will be asked to sign for the transaction
  • You will be given your card with receipts back and you can be on your way

fuelGenie fuel card benefits

fuelGenie fuel card owners enjoy a wide range of advantages, making it an excellent option for people who work for a housing association group. Below is a list of all the benefits:

  • Savings of over 3p/litre by consistently directing drivers to low-cost supermarket fuelling stations*
  • No fees to pay
  • 24/7 online dashboard for easy admin and management
  • HMRC-approved invoices for easy VAT reclaim
  • Competitive credit facility with no minimum spend
  • Unlimited number of free fuel cards with fuelGenie and just a small monthly card fee with fuelGenie+
  • It allows drivers to gain supermarket loyalty points with each usage

You may cut costs on fuel and time spent on administrative tasks by using a business fuel card. With the fuelGenie card, you will have access to 1,350 supermarket fuel stations around the UK.

With the fuelGenie card, your housing association group can save more than 3p per litre on fuel because supermarket fuel is typically less expensive than fuel from motorway stations to remote locations. Supermarkets can offer their customers discounts on fuel because they have the capacity to buy fuel in copious quantities. To download and use fuelGenie, it’s completely free, unlike other fuel card providers where customers must pay sign-up fees, usage costs, replacement card fees, invoice fees, and other expenses. Alternatively, you could opt for the fuelGenie+ card, which is only 50p per month per card, and it gives you access to the aforementioned benefits, plus an extended network of fuel stations.

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Want your drivers to save money on fuel? Why not apply for a free fuelGenie card? With a fuelGenie card, your employees can receive further savings when filling up at a supermarket, which is important in today’s economic climate.  If you want to gain access to an extended network of stations, apply for fuelGenie+, so you can gain access to over 2,200 fuel stations nationwide.

Due to fuelGenie’s long-term partnerships with supermarkets, your drivers will receive an excellent value on fuel when they make a purchase with our fuel cards, so simply apply today for your new fuel card to start saving.

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