How much should business fuel cards cost?

When choosing a fuel card, you may not realise the associated costs with owning one. Here we look at the things you should look out for when you’re choosing a fuel card for your business. In this guide we’ll cover:

  • How much business fuel cards cost
  • The hidden costs of owning a fuel card
  • Going free with your fuel card thanks to fuelGenie

How much do business fuel cards cost?

It varies. Some fuel cards like AllStar come with various hidden fees that will all add up to extra costs for your business. From annual charges, network service fees to replacement card fees. Fuel cards can really rack up your business costs with every usage. That’s why at fuelGenie, we have no fees for normal business use. We believe businesses already pay enough for fuel – so why should you pay even more?

Network service fee

Fancy an extra charge every time you fill up at the pump? Thought not. With a network service fee, you’ll be charged over and above what you’ll be paying for the fuel too. This could be in the region of £3 per transaction – quickly adding up with every fill up at the petrol station – especially with multiple vehicles in your fleet. If you’re looking for a fuel card without any network service charges – then fuelGenie is the card for you.

Replacement card charge

It’s easy enough to lose or misplace a Fuel Card. Some providers unfairly penalise businesses with around a £6 charge for a replacement. Not at fuelGenie though

Convenience charge

This is where some providers slap on an additional charge for drivers not using selected certain petrol stations. This is usually levied per unit of fuel and can add up to 6p per litre to your fuel bill. The fuelGenie card doesn’t impose this charge on members.

Change of details

We’re in a fast-paced world of business. Things are ever-changing. Go through a merger or change your business name and you could be stung for an extra cost. fuelGenie will charge you absolutely nothing.


So, you need a paper copy of an invoice – believe it or not, you could be charged extortionately for this. Some fuel card providers charge up to £25. At fuelGenie we only charge £5 for a paper copy through the post, but it’s free if requested by telephone or email.

Direct Debit admin

A fuel card works by charging fuel costs to company accounts via Direct Debit. If a payment fails, some Fuel Card providers charge a fee close to £100. At fuelGenie we only charge a minimal £49 to cover the admin costs incurred by the bounce back.

Risk-based fees

Many fuel card providers will also charge a risk-based fee of up to 24p per litre. And guess what? At fuelGenie we don’t charge for this.

Free yourself from Fuel Card costs with fuelGenie

With no card or transaction fees, we’re on the side of businesses with a range of benefits:

  • Savings of over 3p/litre by consistently directing drivers to low-cost supermarket fuelling stations*
  • No fees to pay
  • 24/7 online dashboard for easy admin and management
  • HMRC-approved invoices for easy VAT reclaim
  • Up to 45 days of credit with no minimum spend
  • Unlimited number of free fuel cards
  • It allows drivers to gain reward points on supermarket loyalty cards

So, if you’re looking to avoid fuel card costs to your business, then fuelGenie is the Fuel Card for you.

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