Fuel cards for couriers

Fuel cards can be very useful for any business that regularly relies on a vehicle or a set of vehicles as part of their business operations. Couriers are a great example of a business that regularly needs fuel to perform their duties. There are several types of courier, each delivering different goods to both business and personal addresses. In this article we consider the role of a courier who delivers to personal addresses and how fuel cards can benefit their business operations, and drivers.

Save money on fuel

Couriers require fuel for their vehicles to run, this is possibly one of the largest ongoing business expenses a courier needs to pay for. Saving money on business fuel can increase the profits for a courier by reducing costs. Many couriers only make a small margin on each parcel delivered. Anything that can be done to reduce costs and increase the profit margin can make a substantial impact on the business. fuelGenie fuel cards can benefit courier businesses by directing drivers to shop at supermarket petrol stations. The fuel at these stations is 3p* cheaper per litre on average compared to all UK petrol stations.

Convenient locations

Petrol station convenience is essential for couriers with targets they must meet and a delivery schedule to follow. If a driver has to drive 15 mins out of their way to access a petrol station, then they could miss 2-3 deliveries that day. Customers are likely to be frustrated if their delivery turns up late or is delayed until the following working day. This is a real possibility with restrictions on the amount of time drivers are allowed to spend behind the wheel. fuelGenie has over 1,350 conveniently located petrol stations that accept the fuelGenie fuel card. fuelGenie has partnered with supermarket fuel cards to offer customers the best possible fuel prices. The great benefit for couriers is the excellent location of these petrol stations. Supermarkets are typically located close to connecting motorways or A roads that are near densely populated areas. Couriers are therefore likely to encounter a fuelGenie eligible petrol station on their route, saving them valuable time when they need to fill up with fuel.

Drivers can find their nearest fuelGenie eligible petrol station on the go with the new fuelGenie app. The app also displays the facilities at the nearest petrol station so drivers can double check before making a stop. The fuelGenie app is completely free to use and there are no in-app purchases. Find out more about the fuelGenie app and the benefits for both drivers and fleet managers.

Supermarket convenience and rewards

Couriers have a difficult job, continuously on the road with little chance to stop for rest or convenience breaks. A fuel stop gives the driver the opportunity to have a rest break, purchase some food and visit the restroom if needed. Supermarkets often provide facilities for customers that can be used by drivers, they also have a far better selection of food and drink to choose from. By choosing a fuelGenie fuel card businesses are providing their drivers with better options all round and additional facilities.

Drivers can also collect supermarket loyalty points when purchasing fuel using a fuelGenie fuel card. This is an additional benefit for drivers who can use these points for purchasing lunches or shopping in their spare time. It's really easy for drivers to collect supermarket loyalty points, they simply need to hand over their loyalty card when paying for fuel and the points will be allocated to their account. Find out more information about collecting supermarket loyalty points with fuelGenie.

Free to use and apply

Small courier businesses may find their work varies depending on the time of year or industry they work in. fuelGenie is ideal for flexible work as it is free to apply with no ongoing charges. Some fuel cards charge for additional cards, a transaction fee for filling up, and management fees for changing details. fuelGenie is completely free with no ongoing costs, this is the perfect solution for couriers who have seasonal work. They won't be paying fees when they are not using their fuel card.

fuelGenie is quick and easy to apply. Start your application online today. For more information about the benefits a fuelGenie card can offer, read our list of fuel card benefits.

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