Fuel Cards for Plumbers

To keep their businesses running smoothly, plumbers need to get from job to job quickly and cost-effectively. Whether you’re a sole trader with your own van or a big business with a whole fleet of vehicles, using business fuel cards can help you and your team save money and time when purchasing petrol or diesel.

Can all plumbing businesses use fuel cards?

Any size or type of plumbing business can take advantage of fuel cards and their benefits. From fuel cards for small businesses and packages for large companies, there is sure to be a fuel card deal out there to suit both individual plumbers and well-established plumbing businesses. Indeed, before shopping around for the best fuel card option, it’s important to know exactly how fuel cards can benefit your business so you can be sure to get the most appropriate deal.

How can plumbers benefit from fuel cards?

Finding the right fuel card option will bring lots of advantages to plumbing businesses, including helping them save money on their petrol and diesel purchases.

Get better prices per litre

As prices per litre rise, extra pressure is put on plumbers’ pockets. Luckily, fuel cards from trusted providers allow these businesses to save a few pence every time they top up. With fuelGenie by consistently buying fuel at an average of 3p per litre* less than the national forecourt average, the savings will soon add up. fuelGenie, plumbers can also collect supermarket loyalty benefits with each fuel purchase, meaning they can feel the benefit in their own pockets too.

Plus, if business owners want to take a look at how much they’re spending each month, then they can do it easily through the fuelGenie central online management system or the mobile app. By simply logging in, they can get an overview of total fuel spending or see how much petrol and diesel is being brought on each card. From this data, it’s easy for plumbing businesses to work out their savings per litre or vehicle fuel efficiency, which in turn helps with forecasting and planning.

Flexible, safe fuel payments

If sole traders or plumbers are carrying cash or business credit cards around, then there’s the potential for this money to be used to purchase something other than fuel or vehicle-related products. Individual business fuel cards can only be used to purchase fuel, oil, car wash or AdBlue at petrol stations on the provider’s network, giving businesses greater control over their money.

As well as only being used for limited purchases, spending limits can be put on each card, so business owners have complete control over how their cash is being spent. This means individuals can enjoy all the flexibility of buying fuel with a card and business owners can have complete peace of mind over their petrol and diesel spending.

Tax and VAT admin is easier

Ever purchased fuel and forgotten to ask for a VAT receipt? Or do you have a filing system that’s been overloaded with expenses forms? With fuel providers like fuelGenie, you don’t need to worry about keeping tabs on paper receipts or chasing individuals for theirs, as every purchase is tracked and noted on a central management system. This means that, when it comes to claiming back VAT, accountants or business owners can download a single digital, HMRC-approved invoice as a record of all the company’s fuel transactions. In short, with a fuel card provider like fuelGenie, you can cut back on lots of admin time.

How can plumbers find the right fuel card?

The first step to finding the right fuel card is thinking about the types of features you need, such as flexible purchasing, central tracking and digital VAT invoices before shopping around for the best and most trusted providers. With fuelGenie, plumbing businesses can benefit from:

  • No account and card fees or hidden surcharges.
  • Low-cost supermarket fuel prices.
  • Saving admin time with easy VAT reclaim.
  • Complete control with online or in-app account management.
  • Drivers being able to collect supermarket loyalty points.
  • Easy location of the nearest petrol stations with our app.

It is easy to apply for a free fuel card if you are a plumber. Simply click the link below and you could soon be saving pennies per litre on all your fuel spending.

*The “3 pence per litre” saving message is based on the difference between the published Government Weekly diesel fuel pump prices and the diesel pump price (inc. taxes) paid per litre for diesel by fuelGenie customers for the comparable period. During 2020 fuelGenie customers buying diesel at Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s saved an average of 4.7 pence per litre when compared to the Government Weekly road fuel prices.

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