Fuel Cards For Electricians

Travelling from job to job, out to the main office and back to trade stores - electricians rack up lots of miles in their vehicles very quickly. This means fuel costs are always high, particularly as prices per litre increase. As an essential expenditure, many electrician businesses might think there’s nothing they can do to reduce this cost.

Yet rather than waiting until the end of the month to sum up all the receipts, fuel cards are helping electricians manage their fuel costs more closely and save money.

What type of electricians can use fuel cards?

Any sized electrician business can use fuel cards to purchase their diesel or petrol. Most trusted fuel card providers will have options to suit the needs of self-employed individuals as well as larger companies with fleets of vans and teams of employees. However, before electricians make a final decision, it’s important to check and compare the benefits each provider offers to get the best deal. Keeping an eye out for any hidden fees or surcharges in their contract will help avoid the chances of a surprise bill further down the line. fuelGenie have an upfront offering, from the offset – this means you will not be shocked with any hidden fees or surcharges.

How can fuel cards benefit electricians?

Whether you only have to fill up your own van or are managing a fleet, using fuel cards is a straightforward way to help you save time and money.

Save money at the pump

Especially as prices per litre start to rise, fuel cards can help electricians save money every time they head to the pump. Trusted fuel providers work with their partners to bring lower fuel prices to customers, adding up to savings of a few pence per litre every time your drivers fill up. Some also give their customers extra benefits, such as the ability to collect supermarket loyalty benefits with each fuel purchase.

Another advantage of fuel cards is the ability to track any spending from a central online management system. For self-employed individuals or small businesses, this makes it easier to forecast and budget for fuel expenditure. For larger companies, it enables fleet managers to identify any vehicles that aren’t operating as efficiently or drivers that are using more fuel than expected, enabling them to optimise their fuel economy and save money.

Flexible, secure fuel payments

With business fuel cards, employees do not need to carry around their company’s cash or credit cards and businesses don’t need to worry about this money being stolen. Plus, fuel cards are just as flexible to use as any other payment method, with each provider offering a network of petrol stations where their fuel cards are valid to use. This means employees or self-employed electricians do not need to worry about pulling up to a pump and not being able to pay.

Fuel cards also give businesses better control and complete peace of mind that their money isn’t being misused for anything other than fuel purchases. As well as helping businesses keep an eye on their team’s spending, fuel cards can only be used to buy fuel, oil, car wash or AdBlue, meaning companies do not need to worry about employees spending money on other items. Spending limits can also be set via the central management system, giving businesses extra security against theft or fraud.

Manage receipts more easily

With fuel cards, there’s no need to wait for your team’s expenses forms or worry about collecting paper VAT receipts. The transactions on each fuel card are tracked and stored in a central management system through digital receipts. This means when you come to reclaim VAT on your fuel, you can download one HMRC approved invoice with all your fuel transactions ready to submit with your tax return. So, say goodbye to hours of admin and searching for receipts!

How can electricians find the best fuel card

When looking for the best fuel card, it’s important to consider your needs and how each provider will meet them. For example, do they have a network of petrol stations which you can access easily on your main work routes? Do they charge any extra for adding more fuel cards to your account? Which one offers the best discount on fuel per litre? All of these are important questions to ask when you’re weighing up each option.

With no hidden fees, unlimited free cards and a network of thousands of UK supermarket petrol stations, fuelGenie is a great option for a range of electrician businesses. With average savings of 3p per litre compared to the standard national price from any supermarket petrol station in our network, the ability for drivers to collect loyalty bonuses on their purchases and a simple, easy-to-use monitoring dashboard, businesses can manage their fuel costs more easily and efficiently. In short, the flexibility and security of fuelGenie cards mean electricians can minimise admin time and maximise their fuel budget.

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