Fuel Cards for Builders

There are a huge variety of businesses within the construction and building trade, each with their own offering and unique service. One thing all businesses have in common is the desire to save money and time wherever possible. Most builders are required to travel as part of their job to different sites, to collect materials and to work on jobs in different locations. Travel expenses for even a small building company can be a significant overhead. Getting fuel cards for employees is a great way to help manage fuel cost and make saving in terms of both the cost of fuel and administration time.


How do fuel cards for builder’s work?

Fuel cards are very easy to use, builders simply need to hand over the fuel card as payment for their fuel at participating petrol filling stations. Using a fuel card means drivers won’t need to carry business cash or claim back expenses by collecting receipts. Drivers can also benefit from supermarket loyalty points with fuelGenie fuel cards. Take a look at our handy guide which goes into more detail on How Fuel Cards Work.




Fuel Card Savings

Having a business fuel card is a great way to save on fuel costs and time on administrative tasks. fuelGenie fuel cards can be used at Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s petrol stations, there are over 1,370 of these in the UK. By directing drivers to supermarket petrol filling stations your business can save over 3p per litre on fuel, as supermarket fuel is often much better value than fuel from motorway services or smaller garages. Supermarkets are able to buy fuel in large volumes and can therefore offer savings on fuel to customers. fuelGenie is also free to apply, and free for normal use. Some fuel cards charge fees to customers for joining the service, each time a card is used and for replacement cards, invoicing, changing your details and more. You can see what charges to watch out for when selecting a fuel card for builders in our guide on Fuel Cards with No Fees.

fuelGenie fuel card benefits

There are a whole host of benefits for fuelGenie fuel card holders, making it a great choice of fuel card for businesses in the building and construction industry. Find our full list of benefits below:

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