Fuel Cards For Company Owner-Operators

Fuel expenses are among the most significant costs for any business operating vehicles. Having an efficient and cost-effective way to manage this expenditure is crucial.


Many owner-operators are exploring the benefits of using fuel cards to handle payments, rather than alternative methods like expense claims and company credit cards.

Company owner-operator? Here’s what you should know about fuel cards

Fuel cards like fuelGenie allow owner-operators and their employees to pay for petrol or diesel at approved petrol stations, without the need for cash, credit or debit cards.


The payment is applied to the card, then later charged back to the company. With fuelGenie, owner-operators enjoy competitive credit facility for fuel payments. Some fuel cards charge fees per card, as well as additional fees, however fuelGenie is free.


How company owner-operators can use fuel cards

Instead of spending your own money or asking employees to do the same, before claiming it back later, you can use fuel cards to manage the costs.

The payments are charged to the company account, with fuelGenie offering a competitive credit facility to aid cashflow. fuelGenie receipts are automatically generated and combined into a single HMRC-approved invoice, which makes admin and VAT reclaim easy and quick.


Where can company owner-operators use fuel cards? 

Different fuel cards are affiliated to different branded petrol stations. fuelGenie gives owner-operators the power to keep spending down by focusing on supermarket forecourts, which are some over 3 pence per litre cheaper than the national average.

fuelGenie cards can be used across the country at over 1,370 Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s fuelling stations. To find your nearest one, check the finder.


Why fuelGenie is the ideal card for company owner-operators 

fuelGenie is perfectly suited to the needs of owner-operators of small-to-medium businesses. We understand the important challenges of maintaining cash flow, controlling costs and reducing the administrative burden. 

That’s why the card is free to use, directs drivers to low-cost fuel and comes with unified, automatic invoicing and a comprehensive online management system.

Owner-operators using fuelGenie enjoy:


What an owner-operator has to say about fuelGenie

“It is an excellent way to manage company fuel usage, so easy to track cards and monitor spending on fuel. 

As a start-up business, cash flow was critical in the early stages and the main cost was fuel. The fuelGenie cards allowed us to [manage] this without a major hit on the cash flow.”

- Colin Paterson, Director, Total Fabric Solutions


“Fantastic. Easy to use. Secure. Fast delivery of new and replacement cards. Easy accounting and one single payment meaning less paperwork - so I have made a work smarter change to my business rather than working harder. 

“fuelGenie has reduced paperwork and provides an easy solution to track fuel purchases.”

 - Chris Bell, Owner, PC Technician


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