Fuel Card Usage Policy

A fuel card usage policy sets out the terms that employees must agree to when using the fuel card that belongs to the business. This set of terms protects both the business and the employee from any tax issues or misuse of the fuel card. Each business fuel card policy is likely to differ based on the business needs and operations. In this article we take a look at the core factors that should be included in every fuel card usage policy and why they are important.

Explain the Document

Start by explaining the document, drivers need to fully understand what they are signing and the relevant implications. They must be fully aware of what they are being issued and what this document is in reference to. Include their name and specific details about the fuel card they have been given, if possible, include the fuel card number and vehicle registration number that is associated with that fuel card. If the fuel card can be used with a number of vehicles list them all within the document or refer to them in a way that is made clear to the employee which vehicles they are.

How the Fuel Card Is Used

Here you can explain the details associated with the fuel card and any information that might be helpful to the driver this can include:

Acceptance Statements

Set out a number of acceptance statements, by signing the document the driver is agreeing to these statements. These statements should cover the following points:

Signature and date

Finish the document with a statement that explains by signing the document the employee is accepting the statements within. Require the employee to print and sign the document before using their fuel card. Add a date to the document and file so that it can be easily found if any issues occur. Provide a copy of the signed document to the employee for their reference.

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