Business fuel cards with no fees

When you run a business that relies on travel, managing fuel expenditure is often at the top of your agenda. Any opportunity that allows you to cut costs or have more control helps the company – especially in today’s competitive market and cost of living crisis. Fuel cards with no fees are a great place to start. Find out why you should try one and how to apply.

Why choose a business fuel card with no fees?

A fee-free fuel card, like fuelGenie, is the ultimate cost-effective fuel management. This is because you simply pay for the fuel you, or your drivers, use. There’s no pricey subscriptions, card fees or hidden surcharges. fuelGenie also offer unlimited free cards so every member of your fleet can have one. Without fees, as long as you pay for your bill on time, you’ll never have to worry about costs creeping up or unexplained charges.

Do no fee fuel cards really make a difference?

Absolutely. Even if you just have one or two drivers, the savings from avoiding card charges (fuelGenie even offer free replacements), service (a charge every time drivers fill up), underused account or risk fees can really add up. And of course, if you have a much larger fleet, these savings quickly multiply. See our table on the difference between fuelGenie and AllStar to compare like for like and see how much you could benefit.

Where cost savings meet convenience

We’ve already seen how much money a free fuel card, like fuelGenie, can save you. There’s also the huge benefit of driver convenience. fuelGenie has a network of 1,350 petrol stations, located all over the country, made up of low-cost supermarkets – Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s.

Thanks to the fuelGenie app with its petrol station finder, it couldn’t be easier for drivers to locate the nearest participating location and check prices. Plus, when they pay, it’s quick and effortless – there’s no need for cash, company credit cards or holding onto paper receipts.

How to apply

The fuelGenie application process is 100% free and simple. Apply online in just a few minutes, then we’ll review and get back to you with a response as soon as possible. Before you start, you should make sure you have some key info to hand. What you need differs depending on how your business is registered. Check which of these applies:

  • Limited / LLP / PLC
  • Charity
  • Sole Trader
  • Partnership
  • Non-UK Company

Once you know, take a look at our guidance for specific tips and advice to suit each business type. For all company registrations, you’ll need your bank details – name, sort code and account number.

Get the most out of fee-free fuel cards

Not having to pay additional fees is a great perk. But it doesn’t end there. There are other ways you can get the most out of your fuelGenie fuel card.

Loyalty rewards

With fuelGenie, you can earn loyalty rewards when you fill up at our supermarket partners with a Clubcard, Morrisons More or Nectar card. Each supermarket is different but this can get you things like shopping discounts and money off lots of different things like meals out, holidays, experiences, insurance and more.

Pay for oil, AdBlue and car wash

Did you know a fuelGenie card can also cover the cost of things other than fuel? Use it if you need to refill motor oil, give the vehicle a refresh in the car wash or top up with AdBlue, which certain diesel vehicles need to reduce the level of harmful emissions they release.

Set spend limits

Control how much your fleet spend by setting, amending and restricting the limit for each fuelGenie card online or in the fuelGenie app. You can also control the use of additional purchase options like oil, AdBlue and car wash.

Need more convincing?

If all these benefits and the savings on fuel expenses weren’t enough, here’s what our current fuelGenie customers have to say about why they love our fuel card:

“Keep costs low so we can generate more income for the running of the hospice.” – Nichola McGowan, St Kentigern Hospice.

“Has cut down on fuel receipts, one invoice a week is more convenient.” – Stuart Smart, Rhino Fabrications (Eastcote) Limited.

“Improved cashflow. Streamlined accounting.” – Chris Bell, PC Technician.

Ready to apply? Re-read our guidance above or call us on 0345 371 2490 or email Alternatively, if you think your business needs even more locations – and a few added extras – you could try fuelGenie+. It has all the benefits people love about fuelGenie for just 50p a month per card.

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