Shell V-Power Fuel

Shell V-Power fuel delivers the very best performance for your vehicles with unbeatable engine protection. Shell V-Power has both Unleaded and Diesel fuel options to suit your fleet needs.

Shell V-Power benefits

Shell V-Power is the ultimate fuel to improve your drivers' vehicle performance. There are several key benefits of Shell V-Power Unleaded including:

  • Reduced engine friction
  • Helps clean fuel system components
  • Helps to clean intake valves and / or fuel injector nozzle (diesel only)
  • Boosted DYNAFLEX Technology to help restore your engine’s performance

fuelGenie+ fuel card

fuelGenie+ is the fuel card solution that provides drivers with access to over 2,200 petrol stations in the UK and Ireland. For a small card fee fuelGenie+ customers receive all the benefits of the free fuelGenie fuel card with the additional convenience and facilities that most Shell stations provide.

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