Allowing time to find a supermarket forecourt


Motorway fuel costs have risen dramatically over the last few years with fuel now being around £1.50 per litre at motorway forecourts.

Why your drivers should allow time to find a supermarket forecourt on their journey.

Chris Grayling, The Transport Secretary, has concerns that these stations are exploiting customers. Those with low fuel on the motorway have no choice but to use a motorway forecourt or risk putting themselves in danger, meaning they can charge much higher than necessary.

On the other hand, supermarket fuel prices are consistently low, with fuelGenie customers saving on average 3.2ppl over a 16 month period when compared to the Government Weekly road fuel prices. Supermarkets are constantly in competition with each other and so must keep prices low. The more people they have purchase fuel, the more people that might also do their grocery shopping there.

At the end of September, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s fuel costs fell by 2p creating a new price war between the supermarkets and making fuel much better value for your drivers who use fuelGenie fuel cards. Tesco also recently had a 10p off per litre deal. If your drivers spent £60 or more in store or online in a single transaction, they received a fuel discount coupon to be used at Tesco forecourts. These discount coupons are a perfect combination with the fuelGenie fuel cards.

The significant price difference between supermarket stations and motorways forecourts shows why it is important to make sure your drivers are shopping smartly. We want the best value for your drivers, so make sure they always use their fuelGenie cards for all of their fuel purchases. The next time your fleet is going on a journey that involves the motorway, be sure they prepare a route that allows time to fill up at one of our supermarket forecourts, so that they can use their fuelGenie fuel cards and you won’t get stung by motorway fuel costs.

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