National key cutting, shoe and watch repair, and mobile phone repair outlet Timpson has moved its fuel card custom to fuelGenie: and just five months into the contract, this thriving company is seeing big savings.


The family-run high street brand runs a fleet of 300 vehicles, each of which averages 25,000 miles per year. As fuelGenie does not charge transaction fees or card fees, Timpson is seeing significant savings on service costs alone. And its drivers can now fill up at any Tesco, Morrisons or Sainsbury’s forecourt, netting an average saving of 3p per litre against high street and motorway service station prices.

Hidden savings, not hidden costs

And that’s not all. fuelGenie fuel cards are saving money for Timpson in other, less obvious ways. The fuelGenie system, for example, which logs card use and mileage without the need for time-consuming paperwork, has freed Timpson’s Fleet Manager, Clair Vaughan, to get on with other work. This is a benefit that speaks particularly strongly to small fleet management: time is not just money for a fleet manager, but driver safety and customer satisfaction too. The more time Clair has to spend on strategising, maintenance, logistics, and purchasing, the better her fleet runs.

fuelGenie cards have absolutely no hidden costs. You don’t even have to pay for the cards themselves. Timpson started its contract with 300 free fuelGenie cards, and can add more whenever it needs to. It’s no longer paying a network service fee (with its previous provider, Timpson paid £2 per transaction). And Clair can even give a little extra to her drivers, at no extra cost to Timpson. fuelGenie cards can be used to collect loyalty points on Tesco Clubcards, Morrisons More Cards, and Sainsbury’s Nectar Cards. It’s a little gesture, but it creates a lot of goodwill.

The sensible move

The move to fuelGenie made a lot of sense for Timpson, which switched primarily to cut costs. Cutting out not one but two fees (usage fees and annual card fees) has made a notable general saving for the company. The same move can make the same saving for any small fleet.

fuelGenie offers a number of benefits both for drivers and fleet managers. The time-consuming paper trail is a thing of the past: fuelGenie customers can keep up-to-the-minute track of their fuel expenditure and consumption, and can easily download data to Excel for fuss-free reporting. The fuelGenie account is accessible 24/7, and can be wholly managed by the user. Set card limits, order new cards, and keep track of individual cards at any time, from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.

And with up to 45 days credit, cash flow is taken care of too.

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