Sustainable success – how to win on fuel costs

A green piggy bank on a car's dashboard, symbolizing savings and financial planning.

Stay sustainable and save

The price of fuel continues to fluctuate, putting the squeeze on businesses and families by driving inflation, stalling growth and denting the economy. Uncertainty over pump prices is behind the rise in the cost of goods and services, leaving us all with less to spend on the nice things. This article will help you ease the pain by showing how you can save on fuel and stay sustainable at the same time.

Fuel price factors explained

Political tension, natural disasters and production all affect crude oil prices whereas demand is driven by industrial and transportation needs. When demand exceeds supply, crude oil prices rise, leading to higher petrol prices.

Government taxes are designed to stabilise fuel prices by creating a buffer against the global fluctuations while regulations ensure fair competition for the good of consumers and the broader economy.

Stay ahead of your rivals

fuelGenie takes the protection a step further by helping business fleet managers stay ahead of the latest fuel prices to make savings at the pump. Our fuelGenie app retrieves real-time data on fuel prices at already competitive supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Tesco – and offers an average saving of 3p on the cost of a litre. Our app gives on the go information on the best places to refuel that match your driver’s route.

Educating your drivers… for work and home

Combine savvy shopping at the pump with awareness among your drivers on how they can cut fuel costs and stay safe on the road.
Start with hypermiling to help your team save fuel, energy and wear and tear on the engine by following more efficient driving techniques.

It increases your mileage per gallon by as much as 37% – and it even works on extending the range of electric or hybrid vehicles.

A magnificent 7 quick wins for your fleet:

Be aware of the need to speed up or slow down in advance so you can ease off the accelerator instead of braking hard at the last minute. It’s more fuel efficient and safer.

Watch their speed
Driving too quickly burns fuel. Many vehicles are most efficient at around 45-50mph, which will also save on speeding fines.

Drive smoothly
Rapid acceleration increases revs and burns more fuel. Pull away slowly and be a smoothie on the road.

Idling is when your vehicle’s engine is running but you’re stationary. If you don’t have stop-start technology and it’s safe to do so, turning your engine off when could improve efficiency by up to 19%.

Look after your ‘office’
Having your van in tip-top condition is vital to good fuel efficiency. Regular servicing, tyre and wheel checks and filter replacement all cut fuel usage.

Watch your weight
Sure, the odd breakfast roll is fine. But if you’re carrying a shed-load of unnecessary stuff your fuel costs will soar..

Plan properly
Motorway or dual carriageway is best – usually – for a good average speed and avoiding stop-start driving. Use a powerful live traffic sat nav in conjunction with the easy-to-use fuelGenie app to reduce your team’s stress and cut your fuel costs.

The bigger picture

As well as the obvious advantages for your business, there’s a more urgent reason to cut fuel consumption. Lowering harmful emissions and joining the push for cleaner air are the only ways to protect the world we live in for our children and their children.

Lower fuel use encourages the growth of cleaner, more fuel-efficient technologies such as hybrid vehicles, which protect the environment and promote sustainability by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

And with customers now putting sustainability at the top of their wishlist when it comes to new business, there’s never been a better time to embrace change… to reduce costs and increase your environmental responsibility.

What comes first – your pocket or your planet?

Increasingly, businesses are looking for both from their logistics firm partners. So if you can prove from the outset that you’ve got an established fuel saving system in place and are channelling the savings into environmentally friendly initiatives, you’ll be ahead of the game.

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