Social media for businesses - follow these accounts for great tips

Helpful websites to keep your business in the know

Social media marketing techniques are continuously evolving and adapting. We’ve gathered a selection of top accounts and advice on who to follow so you can keep up to date with the latest trends and gain inspiration.

When posting on social media you might be surprised when some of your best content only gets a few likes, and some of those might even be your own employees. But hold on, other companies who appear to be following the same approach are getting multiple engagements on each of their posts. To help you navigate your business through the world of social media marketing we’ve put together a list of some of the top accounts to follow for inspiration and advice.

Your competitors

Although you might not want to add to their follower count having a good knowledge of your competitor’s activity on social media can be really beneficial to your business and strategy. See what has worked for them in the past and how these ideas are relevant to your business. You can also see what hasn’t worked and avoid making the same mistakes.

Follow your closest competitors and any companies top in your industry across all of your social media accounts. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to review their activity on a regular basis, having them turn up on your wall or feed might spark an idea that could help your business in the future.

Social marketing accounts

Each social media platform typically has a profile where they share all of the latest updates for marketers and businesses. It’s a great idea to follow these accounts so you can be aware of any new features or issues that could have an impact on your social media strategy.


Facebook for business -

This Facebook page shares the latest news, insights and best practice for businesses using Facebook as a platform

They also have the following social accounts:


Twitter -

LinkedIn -


Twitter has several accounts which look to support businesses, update them on recent changes, new products and offer advice. Below are the most relevant Twitter accounts to help businesses keep up to speed.

Twitter Business -

Twitter Marketing -

Twitter Support -

Twitter Ads API -


Instagram for business -

This account brings you all of the latest tips and news from Instagram for businesses.


LinkedIn marketing solutions - 

This account is aimed at LinkedIn marketers looking to succeed, it offers tips, news and advice on using LinkedIn as a marketing platform.

Social media experts

There are many insights, reporting and software companies that not only use social media to promote their services, but they combine this with wider social media marketing advice, tips, and trends. Following these accounts can be useful when you’re running your own business social account.

Hootsuite – they offer a platform for scheduling social posts across different platforms. Their social feeds are full of great tips, advice and insights into social media marketing. Some of the topics covered include, how to increase social engagement, how to create social media reports, information on the Facebook ad

sizes and much more content that’s updated on a regular basis.

Facebook –

Instagram –

Twitter –

LinkedIn -

YouTube -

Sprout social - this is another big player amongst social media management platforms. They offer several different products to help social media advertisers and businesses get the most out of their social platforms. They also share advice on their own social profiles. In addition to this they frequently ask their community of social followers for their insights on what is working best for their clients and or business. By following them on social media you may find some interesting insights and tips that are applicable to your business.

Facebook -

Instagram -

Twitter -

LinkedIn -

YouTube -

There are many other social management tools out there that provide helpful advice, insights, and news on their social channels. Try to follow as many as you can then remove the ones you find less useful to your business.

If you have any favourite social media accounts that you think other fuelGenie customers will find interesting, please share them on our Facebook Page.


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