Remember your fuelGenie benefits

With so many fuel cards on the market, it can get confusing. That’s why we’re here to cut through the noise and remind you why free and easy is always a no-brainer. Switched to fuelGenie+? Trying a different provider? Or still faithful to fuelGenie? Either way, here’s a refresher on the original free fuel card and all the reasons to love it.

What is fuelGenie?

When we started out in 2009, we wanted to help businesses save time, money and a whole lot of stress. That’s where fuelGenie came in. It’s our original free fuel card, designed solely for businesses. Instead of using company credit cards or cash, drivers hand over the fuelGenie card to pay and business owners are billed directly. To keep costs down, drivers can only use it at our participating network of low-cost supermarket petrol stations – Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s.

What are the best benefits for business owners?

No account fees, card fees or hidden surcharges

With fuelGenie, when we say it’s free, we mean it. It’s free to apply. Simply fill in our online form in just a few minutes. It’s free to order cards. Get as many as you need – one for each individual driver, link them to a vehicle registration or choose a pool card. Plus, unlike other fuel card providers, we don’t apply surcharges or service fees when your drivers fill up. You simply pay for the fuel you use.

Low-cost supermarket pump prices

Have you been clocking how fuel prices vary from petrol station to petrol station? If so, you’ll have definitely noticed that supermarkets nearly always offer the best value for miles around. They keep pump prices consistency low and more steady – making them the ideal choice for filling up on a budget. This is why Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s are our chosen partners. With a fuelGenie card, your drivers can make the most of this low-cost network and avoid more expensive providers, to keep costs down.

HMRC compliant invoices

Saving money on VAT is a great bonus for any business. But, submitting expenses and claims to get those precious funds back can be complex and time-consuming. Luckily, all payments with a fuelGenie card are stored electronically. This means there’s no need to tot up and submit a towering pile of paper receipts. Every expense is grouped together on one simple invoice that shows you a clear breakdown. It’s the easiest and most pain-free way to claim back VAT on fuel.

24/7 account management

We know some businesses work around the clock. So whether you’re part of the 5am club, work night shifts or between 9am and 5pm, you can manage your fuelGenie account anytime, online. Log in to organise your cards, control individual driver spend, check your balance and a whole lot more. You can even do all that on the go with the fuelGenie app. It’s like having a mini assistant in your pocket.

4* customer service

Giving our customers a good service really matters to us. That’s why we’ve based our teams entirely in the UK. They’re a friendly bunch, who know their stuff, and will be more than happy to help with any questions over the phone (0345 371 2490) or via email ( We’ve even got a 4.3 rating on TrustPilot to prove it. Catch them Monday to Thursday 9am-5.30pm or on Fridays 9am-5pm.

Spend limits

As we mentioned above, it couldn’t be easier to take control of your fuelGenie account and set individual driver spend limits online or on the app. You can also expand it to cover purchase options – oil, Adblue or the car wash – that help keep your vehicles in tip-top condition.

What are the best benefits for drivers?

Supermarket loyalty rewards

When your drivers fill up with fuelGenie, they can also scan their supermarket loyalty card. If they don’t have the right cards already, encourage them to sign up for a Tesco Clubcard, Morrisons More and Sainsbury’s Nectar to start collecting. Each shop is different but they can offer discounts on all sorts of products and services. One of our customers, from Adams & Jarrett (retail) Ltd., said this “keeps the drivers happy” and “they can do their own shopping at the same time as filling up”.

Petrol station finder

No driver wants to find themselves running low on fuel without knowing the closest place to fill up. That’s why we’ve included a clever petrol station finder on the fuelGenie app. As well as giving directions and reassurance in petrol panic moments, drivers can use it to plan routes – that pass by a participating fuelGenie location – before they set off. It reduces stress and downtime while improving efficiency. They can even check prices at each location too.

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