Reasons to try a spring fuel card refresh

White van travelling on the road

As the dark, cold and wet days of winter fade into a distant memory, thoughts turn to sunshine, daffodils and a rejuvenating spring clean. It’s no different for drivers and fleet managers who suddenly have a bounce in their step as the promise of summer heat looms. Springtime and the end of the financial year is also the right time to reassess business practices and give your drivers a bit of a morale boost. An operational spring clean if you like.

If that sounds good, then fuelGenie+ has got you and your team covered. For an annual fee of only 50p a month per holder you can save even more with an easy to apply upgrade.

All the benefits plus…

The main advantage of the original fuelGenie card – the price of fuel – is the same. Drivers can still access low-cost supermarket prices where they save an average of 3p per litre compared to the national figure. There are no hefty hidden surcharges so you'll only ever pay pump prices. But the fuelGenie+ card takes the offering onto a new level with a few added extras.

Round-the-clock coverage

We know transport isn’t a 9 to 5 thing. That’s why we’ve teamed up with partner locations to offer a safe place to stop from early morning to late at night and overnight in between. It’s perfect for businesses that keep on rolling because it offers additional sites so your drivers will never be far from a forecourt.

That’s perfect for firms that clock up thousands of miles up and down the UK delivering or collecting from constantly changing customer lists. Upgrading means your drivers can refresh or take their break at 2,200 locations around the UK, saving your business money on fuel because there will always be one close by.

Larger vehicle access

The fuelGenie+ card is the perfect solution for big movers and shakers. While the company car fleet will be covered, this is ideal for firms that rely on vans, trucks and lorries. The additional fuelGenie+ locations include sites with larger vehicle access to give your drivers parking peace of mind. Simply check the facilities ahead of time on the fuelGenie app and your drivers will be refreshed and ready to go in no time at all.

The perfect pick-me-up

Drivers who are engaged in their job are more profitable and productive than those who aren’t. The ones who are engaged say they feel that way because they’re valued. Happy employees who are looked after by their firms outperform their peers because they tend to be more innovative, efficient and have higher customer retention rates.

Giving them extra perks associated with fuelGenie+ membership means they’ll accrue loyalty rewards with their Tesco Clubcard, My Morrisons or Nectar card. An added bonus is Shell Go+ rewards which give 10% off Deli2Go food, hot drinks, oil and the car wash. If they’re customer facing ambassadors for your brand, then it pays to keep them happy and helps you retain your best people.

Added convenience on the road…

Controlling your firm’s fuel spend with fuelGenie’s account management platform has never been easier or more efficient. It gives instant access, showing what your drivers are buying, from fuel and oil to car washes.

Your drivers’ welfare package will also step up a notch or two with even more places for them to stop off for a break or to refuel and refresh. The added larger access sites will also give them peace of mind if they’re arriving in an artic.

… and off it

Your office staff deserve some love too. Luckily, there’s no more collecting paper receipts to submit as evidence to the VAT people before you can claim it back. When drivers use their fuelGenie+ card every transaction is stored electronically so you’re provided with one simple HMRC-approved invoice.

Staying on top of admin can be a headache if you and your drivers are constantly on-the-go. Not with fuelGenie+ which stores your details in one place allowing you to manage your account online or via the app.

It allows your finance team to check the balance, make changes and set spending limits – without setting limits for your drivers when it comes to comfort and convenience.

Peace of mind guaranteed

Want to sign up for fuelGenie+? Our friendly UK-based customer service team have a 4.4 rating on Trustpilot and can help with any queries about applying for a fuel card or managing your existing account. Email them at or call on 0345 371 2490 (Monday to Thursday 9am-5.30pm and 9am-5pm on Fridays).

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