New technology brings savings


The introduction of new, cutting edge technology can have a significant impact on cost savings. Consider telematics. It can help to monitor driver behaviour, capture mileage and fuel consumption, allowing businesses to undertake more accurate tracking and in turn achieve greater savings.

Route planning can also have a major impact. By making one round trip rather than several short trips you will reduce fuel usage. Once the engine is warm it will operate at its most efficient, whereas several cold starts will increase fuel consumption.

Analysing the route can also help cut down fuel costs and there are route optimising tools available on the market that can also improve efficiency and, in turn, fuel consumption.

So with the prospect of further rises this year, there are a number of steps businesses can take to reduce the impact on their business without radically altering the cost of products or services. Indeed, the simplest changes will have a positive impact on reducing monthly fuel bills.

The key thing for businesses to consider is to plan ahead. By setting aside a little time each day to either remove excess tools or equipment, travel to a cheaper fuel station or check a vehicle’s tyre pressures etc, cost efficiencies can be made in across fleets, big or small.

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*The average 3 pence per litre saving message is based on the difference between the UK national average diesel price and the price paid per litre of diesel by fuelGenie customers. Over a 10 week period (24.02.14 – 11.05.14) fuelGenie customers buying diesel at Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons saved an average of 3 pence per litre when compared to the national average.

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