Meet Dan, our new friend. He’s a smart sort of chap, and he’s using fuelGenie to save a tidy sum on his fleet management costs. As you can see from our new video, Dan’s getting a lot of benefits besides simply getting petrol or diesel on a card with no surcharges.

Dan can wash cars, buy oil, and buy fuel as well - of course!

Every fuelGenie card he gives to his drivers lets Dan buy supermarket fuel at typically low prices. And he doesn’t have to pay a penny over pump price.

But Dan knows his fleet doesn’t run on diesel (or petrol) alone. To keep maintenance costs low, those engines need oil. And to keep his drivers safe (not to mention keeping his fleet free of costly insurance claims), all the vans and cars Dan runs need to have sparkling clean windows and easily visible lights. So it’s great for Dan to know that his drivers can also buy oil and get their vehicles washed using their fuelGenie cards.

Dan can have as many fuelGenie cards as he wants, at no extra cost

There’s no limit to the number of fuelGenie cards Dan can have. Right now, his fleet is medium-sized. But if he adds more cars, vans, or even drivers to the mix, Dan can simply order extra fuelGenie cards without having to pay a thing. There’s no application fee and no replacement fee. Just all the cards Dan needs, whenever he wants them.

Dan can use his fuelGenie cards at all Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s stores in the UK

There are plenty of Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s forecourts in the UK–and Dan’s drivers can use all of them. These three supermarkets offer consistently low-priced petrol and diesel, and are always the first to drop their pump charges. Plus there’s never far to drive to get to one. That’s ideal if you’re Dan. And with fuelGenie’s Points of Interest (POI) files for Garmin, TomTom and Navman satnavs, Dan’s drivers can even locate the nearest fuelGenie forecourt with a simple screen-tap.

Dan can manage his account online

Dan enjoys 24 hour access to his fuelGenie account, which he can manage online from wherever he is. Dan can order new fuelGenie cards, cancel lost ones, manage account details, set permissions for card usage, and generate useful reports. In fact, he can do everything fuelGenie can do, from the comfort of his own bed. Or his hotel room. Or the beach. We know fleet owners never really go on holiday, even when they’re on holiday. At least now Dan can sort out whatever’s bothering him on the spot, and get back to topping up his tan.

Dan has no hidden fees or surcharges to worry about

Dan’s fuelGenie account is subject to no hidden fees, and there are no surcharges on petrol or diesel purchases. In fact, Dan’s fuelGenie account costs are so transparent he could even open a car hire business, and give his customers prepaid fuelGenie cards to fill up with.

Dan enjoys up to 45 days credit

Dan’s a lucky man. His fleet business has up to 45 days credit to play with, meaning his cashflow is never interrupted by an early payment. And that means Dan can concentrate on the important stuff, like wondering what to do with all the time he’s saved now he doesn’t have to look for forecourt receipts.

Dan doesn’t have to collect receipts anymore

Dan doesn’t have to worry about receipts now he has a fuelGenie card. All of Dan’s fleet transactions are logged automatically, every time his drivers use their fuelGenie card to make a petrol, diesel, oil or carwash purchase. Dan has an up-to-date, accurate record of all his fleet purchases, which generates HMRC-approved invoices whenever he needs them.

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