Giving your drivers a more comfortable ride this summer

Giving your drivers a more comfortable ride this summer


It’s a fact that driver productivity can drop alarmingly in the heat of the summer, but it doesn’t have to be so. An air conditioned vehicle makes life far more comfortable and easier for them on the road.

What can you do to make summer more comfortable for your drivers?

To be honest, our country is not especially geared up to deal with the heat of summer. OK, some offices are air conditioned, but most rely on hastily found fans and open windows.

It’s a little different for drivers and in cars/vans. Most vehicles nowadays come with air con to deal with higher temperatures, so it’s important small businesses have got their summer preparations well under way.

First things first, make sure your fleet of vehicles receives a regular car air conditioning service or regas. It really does ensure optimum passenger comfort

when the going gets hot and sweaty.

And you know what? Your typical car air con system does more than you think. Of course, it blows much welcome cold air into the vehicle like a nice summer’s breeze. But it also has another role. The air-con system is designed to remove the hot air from within the vehicle cabin and release it into the atmosphere outside.

This requires components in the air conditioning system to be working effectively. Parts like the evaporator, condenser and compressor all need to be looked after properly as they are prone to wear and tear as you clock up the miles.

So don’t neglect the air con service. Many business owners just see it ‘as another thing to do’, but it really can make a big difference to your employees.

A couple of handy tips

1. It’s worth giving the air conditioner system a run-out for a few minutes at least once a week. Even if the temperature outside is not particularly high. Like giving a car a blast on the motorway, it ensures that the hoses, valves and pumps in the system are kept well lubricated.

2. And what about the service? When you take your vehicle in, remember to talk to the mechanic about the refrigerant level and arrange a regas if necessary. It’s not part of the standard service.

3. Get a service at least once a year. Perhaps the best time is before the height of summer. As we can get very high temperatures in May, the months before seem like a good time.

Did you know?

Most car manufacturers recommend that your air-con system is recharged with gas and lubricant every 2 years. It’s not part of your routine vehicle servicing, so don’t forget to ask. No one wants hot and bothered drivers!

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