It pays to shop around at the fuel pumps

It pays to shop around at the fuel pumps


A recent survey* of UK small businesses has revealed that over 40% don’t shop around when it comes to buying fuel, and could potentially be spending hundreds of pounds extra per year.

The survey, compiled by, also highlighted that only one in five businesses regularly top up at the cheaper supermarket forecourts, with the majority admitting to having no overall strategy to find the best fuel options.

According to fuelGenie, a leading supermarket fuel card provider, small businesses could save themselves on average up to three pence per litre every time they fill up by using Tesco and Morrisons forecourts with the fuelGenie Fuel Card.**

Claire Alderson, sales & marketing manager at fuelGenie said: “The survey shows that businesses are potentially pouring money down the drain simply by not shopping around. Although some businesses are now using a fuel card to save costs, it is still surprisingly low with only a fifth filling up regularly at supermarket forecourts even though they offer some of the best fuel savings.

“The fuelGenie Fuel Card is an effective tool for businesses to save on fuel costs, and regular use of our card at Tesco and Morrisons’ forecourts has shown to result on average a three pence per litre saving, which can make a huge difference in smaller companies. In addition card holders can also benefit from the loyalty point schemes that the supermarkets offer to make their money go even further.”

The fuelGenie Fuel Card provides business drivers with everyday value pump prices at over 1,000 conveniently located Tesco and Morrisons forecourts nationwide. fuelGenie does not charge fees or hidden surcharges and offers unlimited free cards with no minimum monthly spend.

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