Pass masters- how to prepare your fleet for its MOT

Pass masters- how to prepare your fleet for its MOT


As we’ve discussed, there are many reasons for MOT failures. So what can you do to ensure that you sail through?

Get your lights sorted

There are usually simple remedies to correct any lighting issues. Lightly tap to see if they are loose or damaged. If loose, get them tightened. If damaged, replace them. Make sure your headlamps are aligned correctly, too. To see how, have a look at the car’s handbook, or ask your local garage to do this and change any faulty bulbs for you.

DVSA has produced a short video on YouTube on how to carry out checks on lights and indicators. It’s worth watching before you take your fleet car in for its MOT.

Avoid tyre trouble

The 20p trick is a simple way to check your tyre’s tread. However, you may wish to use a tread depth gauge for a more accurate reading. If the 1.6mm minimum tread is not present over ¾ of your tyres width, you need to replace them before the test.

Check tyre pressures, too, and do a visual check for cuts, bulges or other signs of damage.

Give your brakes a break

Any strange noises from your brakes or if your car pulls to one side, indicates a brake problem. Contact your local garage immediately.

Before the MOT, check your brake fluid levels. Look for the high/low markings on the reservoir and make sure that your brake fluid is topped up.

Brake light bulbs are in continuous use. Make sure they’re working well – just ask someone to stand behind the car to check.

View of the road

This is a biggie and the main cause of MOT failures. Ensure your windscreen wipers and washers work. Your wiper blades need to clear the windscreen from top to bottom so that the road ahead can be easily seen. Lift up the wipers and check the rubber for splits or damage. Ensure that the nozzle of your screen wash is not blocked by particles or dirt, otherwise it will not fire correctly. Top up your screen wash before the test.

Make sure that your view of the road is clear of any stickers, toys, air fresheners or tech stuff like Sat Navs.

Get your windscreen replaced if you have any large chips that affect your field of view. Otherwise, an instant MOT fail. And your rear-view mirrors must be adjustable and in good condition.

Did you know?

You will fail an MOT if a windscreen crack is more than 10mm in the driver’s line of sight, or anything over 40mm in the area swept by the wipers.

Other things you need to be aware of:

Your seatbelts should fasten securely and all seats are bolted down to the inside of the car. Folding seats must be locked securely in the upright position. If seats are loose or the belts are not working, you will fail!

If your horn is not working correctly, you will fail.

Check that your fuel and engine oil caps are in place and there is no damage to their seals.

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