fuelGenie works its magic for Avonline



Avonline, a leading UK service provider, saves time and money on business fuel expenses thanks to the savings and online account management the fuelGenie Fuel Card provides. The company switched from Arval and Keyfuels to a single, centralised fuelGenie package to keep their 70-strong fleet driving efficiently on the roads, servicing their 2 million customers nationwide.

Avonline offers a range of business facilities, from broadband and network services to commercial flooring and energy installations for business and homes. With a broad offering and a diverse clientele across the country, the company relies on its fleet to ensure that they remain a dependable, trusted partner to their customers.

The company switched from using multiple fuel cards to a simple centralised system with fuelGenie to manage efficiently the fuel expenses of its mixed fleet of light commercial vehicles and company cars. Avonline has also found that they are saving money on their fuel bill since the switch by ensuring their drivers only fill up at supermarket forecourts compared to the more expensive motorway filling stations.

The ease of ordering new cards free of charge for engineers and the online customer portal, which is accessible 24/7 for fuel data reporting, were also key benefits for the company to change to fuelGenie.

Alan Thatcher, Fleet & Facilities Manager, Avonline PLC, commented: “With a large fleet of vehicles on the roads to help our customers we monitor fuel spend carefully to keep overheads as low as possible. We switched to fuelGenie for two reasons: cost and convenience. We receive a single monthly invoice for all fuel consumption and don’t have the added hassle of monthly fees on top. Plus, the convenience and cost efficiencies of supermarkets to fill up keep costs much lower.

“Our drivers are also happy to use the fuelGenie card as they can always find a supermarket filling station in any town, and now have even greater choice and flexibility due to the recent introduction of Sainsbury’s to the fuelGenie network. Plus, our engineers benefit by using their supermarket loyalty cards at the same time.”

Like many businesses, managing the fleet effectively helps to save time and reduce costs, which is essential to Avonline. Thatcher added: “I’ve found that since we switched to fuelGenie I can access our fuel data very easily online through the customer portal. Through this regular analysis I can access mileage reports, track fuel spend and analyse company fuel wastage. I can also monitor a vehicle’s performance based on fuel consumption, which is handy information for when it comes to renewing vehicles.”

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