fuelGenie | HOBART UK Case Study

fuelGenie | HOBART UK Case Study

At fuelGenie we always take great pride in supporting our customers and their businesses with their fuel demands. Possibly the greatest reward for us is hearing direct feedback about how we’ve played a small part in relieving financial and administration stress and helped a business to thrive and develop.

We always aim to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers that allow them to achieve their goals and reduce the burden on fleet or vehicle management.   We’re also constantly reaching our to customers to better understand how they are utilising our services and things that we can do to improve our offering in the future.

HOBART UK is a leading manufacturer of commercial dishwashers and catering equipment. The service team have a network of more than a hundred factory trained technicians, offering installation, preventative maintenance, and a range of service packages on all HOBART, Bonnet and Elro catering equipment.

The company has a large fleet of vehicles operating across the UK. The efficient management of this fleet operation is absolutely critical to the continued success of the business. The team rely on their vehicles to get to their appointments covering significant mileage each day between them.

HOBART UK issue all of their drivers with a fuelGenie fuel card as standard. Drivers are then encouraged to utilise either Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Morrisons fuelling stations dependant on their availability in the driver location.

Refuelling requirements for the business generally depend on the driver, the location and the requirements. Some team members need to refuel every few weeks, whereas others have to refuel as regularly as every two days.

Critical for the continued efficiency of the business is having access to fuel in convenient locations. Thanks to fuelGenie’s partnership with the supermarket chains mentioned above HOBART UK drivers are able to easily plan and optimise their fuel stops to ensure their focus stays on the customer and not on their vehicle.

The recent launch of the fuelGenie App has made that process even easier and allowed drivers to review prices and locations with the click of a button. HOBART UK has now rolled out the App to all of their drivers and hope that this will bring further efficiencies to their successful business model.

Carl Brayne from HOBART UK outlines, “While we as a business obviously care about pump prices, for the drivers the single biggest factor is convenience. fuelGenie’s fuel card allows us to combine supporting that convenience with low-cost fuel and also helps us to reduce unnecessary receipts and administration. As a result, it is the only real payment method the business uses.

“We’re really pleased with it, as fuel card solution it’s certainly become a critical part of our day-to-day operation. We were also really interested to hear about the launch of the fuelGenie App and have shared this with all of our HOBART UK drivers. We’re hoping this provides even further convenience and support to make their lives easier.”

HOBART UK is just one of a growing number of fuelGenie businesses taking advantage of our fuel card and wider services to save themselves money, more easily manage administration and provide accessible convenient fuel to their customers.

If you’re interested in seeing how fuelGenie can support your business fuel requirements visit our website or apply for your free fuel card here: https://www.fuelgenie.co.uk/apply-now/.

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