With petrol pump prices starting to show signs of rising with a 5.66% increase from 106ppl in January 2015 to 112ppl in April 2015*, fuel card provider fuelGenie is advising companies on the use of fuel cards to manage fuel costs all year round.

Businesses can utilise fuel cards to specifically monitor fuel data, which can be one of the biggest expenses to SMEs running a fleet of vehicles. Through the analysis of specific card usage and mileage reports, companies can gain greater control of their fuel spend.

Fleet managers can use fuel card data to advise the best route options, recommend cheaper places to fill up - such as supermarket forecourts and monitor vehicle performance based on fuel consumption. This information can also help signal when fleet vehicles need replacing and highlight the best vehicle models based on fuel efficiency.

With a fuelGenie Fuel Card, spend and usage reports can be generated at any time, enabling the monitoring of finances and fuel efficiency of all company vehicles. Transactions and reports can be downloaded to Microsoft Excel, enabling customised reports to speed up account reconciliation.

fuelGenie also allows companies to set up individual drivers with login details to view their personal fuel card data to allow them to analyse their own fuel efficiency.

Claire Alderson, sales and marketing manager at fuelGenie, commented: “Fuel cards are a simple and effective way for businesses to track fuel spend, and analyse company fuel wastage. Fleet managers can access through their online fuel account, informative up-to-date reports, and set card usage limits and assign specific cards per vehicle to track driver and vehicle efficiency.

“Streamlining business practices and driver behaviour around fuel consumption can help businesses in the long run to reduce their overall expenses.”

The fuelGenie Fuel Card provides business drivers with everyday value pump prices at over 1,000 conveniently located Tesco and Morrisons forecourts nationwide. fuelGenie does not charge fees or hidden surcharges and offers unlimited free cards with no minimum monthly spend.

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