Best free online project management tools

Large projects can be complex to manage, especially when they spread over several departments. Project management tools helps businesses keep on top of actions, assess, and address any blockers whilst also prioritising tasks in relation to each other. Having a complete view of a project makes it clear and simple to set deadlines and accountabilities for the different team members involved. These tools are also useful for individual employees and teams to manage their workload and shared tasks. If getting things done and staying on track often feels like a struggle, consider implementing a project management tool.


In this article we look at the free online project management tools available and the features and drawbacks of each tool.



Trello is a well-known project management tool that allows businesses to visually see the progress of a project. It allows for easy collaboration between team members and uses lists and cards to organise tasks into separate work streams.


Trello is free with unlimited users and cards, they do offer packages with premiums associated and additional features, you can find out more about these on the Trello website.



Asana lets you get granular with your to do list, breaking up projects into individual tasks and sub lists and organising based on timelines and completed tasks. Asana has a free option which offers unlimited projects, tasks, basic workflow integrations, basic reporting and three project views (List, board, and calendar). Learn more about Asana. is a project management tool built to be intuitive, visual, and easy to use. One of the key selling points of is the 200 plus templates that are designed for every industry, business, and team, from marketing to HR. No matter what your industry or business function has a template for you to get started.


The free option on allows up to 2 seats, unlimited boards, and over 20 column types. For more information look at the website.



teamwork has several solutions for businesses looking to manage multiple complex projects and it is trusted by over 20,000 companies. Teamwork boasts enterprise level features, flexibility, and ease of use.


In the free package teamwork offers, for individuals and small teams. The features included are access to basic project management and task management, milestones, and messages. Find out more about teamwork.


These are just a selection of the top project management tools which offer a free version for smaller teams or individual members. Each tool offers similar functionalities with some having their own individual benefits and features. Much of the decision-making process when looking at free project management tools comes down to individual preferences and business needs. We suggest trying the platforms out and finding out which one best suits your business needs.


If you have a project management tool that saves your business time and helps manage tasks and projects efficiently, we’d love to hear about it. We are always looking to help our customers save time and improve their business. Collaboration and sharing our knowledge and research through these articles is one of the ways we are trying to achieve this. Please share your ideas and comments on our Facebook page.

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