A quick red (white and blue) flag before and after the Euros

Drivers showing their colours during the Euros could land themselves with three points they definitely don’t want… the ones that go on their licence. So it might be worth reminding your fleet about the rules of the game when it comes to flying the England or Scotland flags on their vans or cabs.

St George’s and St Andrew’s crosses always tend to appear during and after major tournaments regardless of the outcome, as drivers add patriotic colour to wing mirrors, roofs and windows. But the Highway Code is strict on anything that can distract a driver or stop them from having a good view of the road.

Items that could obscure blind spots and make it difficult to see when reversing, could land your team members with a £1,000 fine and three points on their licence.

So next time you’re talking tactics, remember that any flag must not obstruct the driver’s view of any windows or rear-view mirrors and if an accident is caused where it’s found to be a factor, they could get a red card.

Fly the flag if your company rules allow it, but make sure you do it safely.

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