Fed up of juggling cards, fuel reports and wasteful paper trails? It’s time to make the switch to a more efficient way of running your vehicles. Here are the top five benefits of using a fuelGenie fuel card to pay for your petrol or diesel:

Save time with only one invoice and no receipts

Because everything you spend on your fuelGenie cards is consolidated into a single monthly invoice, there are fewer documents to deal with. You receive your invoice electronically so you always know where it is. And because your transactions are already logged, there’s no need to waste time chasing drivers for missing receipts.

“The monthly invoicing is convenient and easy to manage.” Harminder Shergill, Apple Pharmacy Group.

Unlimited free cards for every driver

With fuelGenie, you’re eligible for as many cards as you have drivers. Simply apply for the cards you need, by logging into your fuelGenie account. There’s no application fee, and no charge for dispatching the card to you. Now all your drivers can be on the road at once. You can also set a spending limit for each card to control your outgoings.

“Having an account with fuelGenie is trouble-free, with clear invoices and allowing as many cards as we need.” Lindsay Jardine, Pro-Networks Ltd

One report for all transactions

Why waste time dealing with multiple reports for your monthly fuel usage, when your fuelGenie account puts everything in one place? Whether you have one fuelGenie fuel card or hundreds, all transactions are conveniently detailed in a single report. Need to see usage and expenditure information for a single card? You can do that too.

“It’s a god-send having the monthly breakdown per card, per car for tax purposes as negates the need for employees to keep detailed records. So all in all we are very happy.” Heidi Johnson-Cash, Brand Pilot Ltd

Fewer forms

Your fuelGenie invoice is pre-approved by HMRC, and includes a complete breakdown of VAT to make claiming tax back simple and quick. fuelGenie makes it possible to avoid the headache of tracking VAT and filling out forms for your tax return, with an easy alternative.

“The ease of having one monthly bill with a VAT breakdown makes it much simpler to reclaim VAT” Ien Ealy, Felixstowe Logistics Solutions

Free 24/7 access to your account

We understand that managing your business doesn’t stop at 5pm. Your fuelGenie card gives you free 24hr access to your account, which can be managed from the office or at home. Backroom staff or your designated account manager gets full access to every account facility, from setting spending limits to calling up reports. You can even give individual drivers online access to their own card accounts, without allowing them to make changes to overall account information.

“We are excited to have access to an online system. This will help us monitor purchases and help with fraud prevention.” Kaushal Bhatt, Parasol Logistics Limited

Apply for a fuelGenie card and increase your business efficiency today. It’s easy to sign up, and you’ll receive a quick response to your application.

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