How to use the app for a fuelGenie+ fuel card

Are you taking full advantage of the fuelGenie app?

The fuelGenie app allows you to manage your account on the go, wherever you are. And, it helps your drivers locate their nearest fuelGenie+ eligible fuel station, as well as the latest prices. With access to over 2,200 forecourts, that means your drivers can conveniently check and find the nearest one via the app. Want to know how the app can help you and your drivers? Below, we’ve highlighted some of its key features.

What does the fuelGenie app do?

  • No matter how many drivers your business has, there are no hidden in-app fees, and it is free to download and use.
  • Sign in to see a summary of your account and access it on the go to view your account.
  • Manage account settings - view a complete list of your cardholders, change their purchase restrictions and credit limits, and order or cancel cards.
  • Manage card settings and examine all card information, such as the card name, vehicle registration, and any established card restrictions. If necessary, we'll instantly issue a new card once you make quick and simple changes to the card information.
  • Monitoring and reporting: by viewing cancelled cards, you may keep a thorough record of all fuel cards issued in the past and present.
  • View your balance and available spending, as well as the most recent and upcoming invoice dates, the amount of your upcoming direct debit, and more. Additionally, you get access to a list of your past and present invoices organised by date.
  • Request a credit limit increase if you need to boost your budget. Simply apply using the app, and we'll contact you to discuss it further.
  • Plan your itinerary and see where you can get fuel along the way.

How does it help your drivers?

  • Use our convenient app to find the closest participating petrol station.
  • You can quickly compare local petrol prices to make sure you're always getting the most affordable, high-value petrol.
  • Utilise the app to compare the prices you may be paying with those at other forecourts and providers.
  • Visit our supermarket partners Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury's to check the cost of fuel.
  • With over 2,200 stations to fill up and save, you may easily plan your trip.
  • Check out the forecourt amenities and operating hours to stay informed.

The app is easy to use and shows you the closest forecourts where you can use your fuelGenie+ card and their fuel pricing. To check out the services offered, get directions, and get more information, just click on one of the petrol stations.

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