How To Use Fuel Cards At Supermarket Petrol Stations

Whether your driver’s stopping off for a quick lunch break or they’re topping up on a Sunday before a busy week, supermarket petrol stations are a handy place to stop for a refuel. Yet you might be wondering which supermarkets take business fuel cards and how best to use them. Read on to find out more.

Which supermarkets take fuel cards?

Before buying business fuel cards, it’s important to check which network of petrol stations they’re valid for. Understanding where your drivers can top up and letting them know will ensure they don’t get disappointed when they pull up for a refuel. By taking a close look at the fuel card’s terms and conditions, you can find out which supermarkets take your fuel card and double-check if there are any exceptions. For example, some fuel cards might be valid at superstore petrol stations, but not at motorway service stations under the same brand.

To help our customers take advantage of the competitive prices and convenience of more than 1,350 petrol stations in the UK and Northern Ireland, fuelGenie fuel cards can be used at participating Sainsbury'sMorrisons and Tesco (including Tesco Express with ESSO fuel) petrol stations. This means that whether your drivers are buying petrol, diesel, screen wash or oil at the supermarket petrol stations on the network, their fuelGenie card can be used for these purchases.

How to use a fuel card at a supermarket

Supermarket petrol stations don’t just offer drivers and businesses with fuel cards competitive prices at convenient locations but enjoy the benefits of loyalty schemes too. If each driver has an individual fuel card, they can show their physical or digital Nectar, Tesco Clubcard or Morrisons membership card to benefit from their purchases alongside the business.

To use a fuelGenie card at a supermarket petrol station, drivers simply need to:

  • Find the nearest petrol station that’s participating on the network. This can be done using the fuelGenie app.
  • Fill up the vehicle and make any other purchases of car wash, screen wash or oil.
  • Show their fuelGenie fuel card, supermarket loyalty card or app and give their vehicle registration number (VRN).
  • Ask to record mileage if required by the business.
  • Swipe the fuelGenie fuel card to make a complete payment and sign to authorise the transaction.
  • Collect the card alongside any receipts, including VAT receipts.

By showing a loyalty card or app during every transaction, drivers can enjoy increased benefits from supermarket loyalty schemes. More spending means more benefits for drivers, though it’s worth checking how each loyalty system works to make sure they’re taking full advantage.


Why use a fuel card at a supermarket petrol station?

There are a huge range of benefits drivers and businesses can enjoy by using fuel cards at a supermarket petrol station. As well as earning benefits on loyalty schemes, businesses that choose fuel cards that are valid for supermarket petrol station networks can enjoy:

  • Nationwide coverage: with more than 1,350 locations across the UK and Northern Ireland, drivers can easily access a Tesco, Morrisons or Sainsbury’s supermarket petrol station conveniently wherever they are.
  • Competitive fuel prices: supermarket fuel prices average 3p per litre* less than the national forecourt average. Plus, many fuel cards allow drivers to make purchases with no additional charges. This means using supermarket petrol stations within the network regularly can help businesses make large savings.
  • Guaranteed fuel quality: the diesel and petrol sold at supermarket petrol stations is tested and certified under the British Standard. Also, the fuel often comes from a wholesale manufacturer, meaning you can be assured of its quality.
  • Easy online management: wherever drivers buy their fuel, businesses will have complete control and visibility over their purchases through online management systems. This makes it easy to run VAT reclaim and generate HMRC-approved invoices.

In short, by choosing fuel cards that have supermarket petrol stations in their network, such as fuelGenie, businesses and drivers can make huge savings and enjoy a range of benefits.

Which fuel cards do supermarkets take?

A range of fuel card providers have supermarket petrol stations on their network. However, it’s worth checking the terms and conditions of the one you’re looking to purchase to check this is the case before you make your final decision. Businesses that purchase fuelGenie fuel cards can use them to buy petrol, diesel, car washes or oils at a range of Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s supermarket petrol stations on our network. This means drivers can easily search for a valid network location via the fuelGenie app to fill up from, meaning they can refuel, earn loyalty benefits and save your business money all in one transaction.

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