Can I Use My Fuel Card in Shell Petrol Stations?

Shell GO+ card: A white card with the Shell logo on it. It has a chip for contactless payments and offers rewards for fuel purchases. In front of a black fuelGenie plus card.

fuelGenie+ is now live and ready for your business to reap its benefits, including the ability to use the fuel car at most Shell petrol stations. This means in addition to using your fuel card at popular supermarket fuel stations such as Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, you can also save money on fuel at most Shell stations across the UK.

What is a fuel card?

In short, our fuelGenie card gives commercial drivers access to over 1,350 supermarkets at everyday low pump rates by saving 3p* per litre on average. By consistently doing this, the savings soon start to add up.

Our fuelGenie card is free to receive and free to use, and unlike most other providers, there are also no surcharges or minimum spend requirements. You only need to pay the pump price for the fuel your company uses, and you'll get one simple invoice that lists all the transactions done on your fuelGenie account. With our new fuelGenie+ card, for only 50p per card per month, you can save on fuel at additional stations.

What is a fuelGenie+ card?

Drivers can fill up at over 2,200 locations across the UK including most Shell stations with a fuelGenie+ card. It's never been simpler to manage spending, and you'll always know what your drivers are buying – from fuel to car washes.

Convenience won't ever be an issue with so many places to stop for a break, refuel, and refreshment. Better yet, you may utilise our account management capabilities to streamline administration and find the locations of fuel stations through the app or the online account management tool.

Shell Go+ benefits are also available to fuelGenie+ customers. The wonderful perks offered by Shell's reward programme include 10% off a variety of tasty foods, 10% off hot beverages, money off auto lubricants, and more.

Benefits of a fuelGenie+ card

With a fuelGenie account:

  • Control your drivers' spend and where they fill up, saving you time and money.
  • A competitive credit facility is available.
  • Avoid the mountain of paperwork and time spent processing mileage claims.
  • fuelGenie fuel cards generate automatic receipts, in the form of single invoices per card that show a proper HMRC approved VAT breakdown, allowing you to reclaim business fuel VAT
  • Understand your usage and cost with easily accessible and dedicated reports
  • More accuracy, more control, and more security than credit cards or ‘pay and reclaim.’
  • Collect points on your Tesco Clubcard, Morrisons More Card, Nectar card at Sainsbury’s and now your Shell Go+ card.

Shell Go+

Shell Go+ offers discounts and benefits to its customers. When fuelGenie+ drivers use their fuelGenie+ fuel card to make fuel purchases, they can also take advantage of Shell Go+.

How does Shell Go+ work?

Shell Go+ is based on visits; customers with an account earn one visit for every £10 spent on fuel or £2 spent in the shop, and then the visits result in rewards for Shell Go+ customers.

Every time Shell Go+ customers visit, they can get:

  • 10% off Costa Express and other hot drinks
  • 10% off Jamie Oliver deli by Shell
  • 10% off deli2go
  • 10% off Shell Car or Jet Wash
  • 10% off Shell Helix Motor Oils

Additional rewards

  • Money off fuel every 10 visits
  • £3 off Shell V-Power for every 300L you buy
  • Surprise freebies

Drivers can easily apply for their own Shell Go+ card and then use their fuelGenie+ fuel card to purchase business fuel to earn Shell GO+ points. You can easily apply for yours today and start collecting your rewards while saving money.

Where can you use your fuelGenie+ card?

We’ve made things even easier by designing our own fuel card app. Our fuel card app allows drivers to locate their nearest fuelGenie+ eligible petrol station and control fuel expenditure.

In case you don’t have the app, we also have our online petrol station finder, which allows you to quickly check the fuel stations nearby just by entering your postcode.

Apply today

Want access to even more fuel stations? Why not apply for a fuelGenie+ card? With a fuelGenie+ card, your employees can receive further savings when filling up at a supermarket or most Shell fuel station, which is important in today’s economical climate.

fuelGenie has many long-term partnerships with supermarkets that offer great value on fuel when they make a purchase with our fuel cards, so you get to save money. Simply apply today for your new fuel card to start saving.

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