How to get a fuel card

Fuel cards are beneficial to businesses in all industries who have a regular fuel expense, no matter how large or small the business is in size. Getting a fuel card is simple, applying online only takes a few moments and with fuelGenie it’s completely free to apply. In this article we take a look at what businesses should consider before applying for a fuel card and what details are required to get a business fuel card.

Fuel Card Costs

First of all it’s important to look at the costs of each fuel card provider and weigh up what would be the best fuel card for your business. Factors such as fees, commitment period, fuel costs and the savings made are all important to consider before committing to a specific fuel card. Some fuel cards require a minimum commitment and have regular monthly costs associated. We recommend researching into the fuel card options and making sure you aren’t faced with any unexpected fees. Read more about the potential fees some fuel cards incur in our article fuel cards with no fees.

Fuel Card Benefits

Fuel cards have a number of benefits associated with their use, reducing spend on fuel and saving time on fuel management are two of the biggest benefits that most fuel cards offer users. The specific fuel card benefits vary depending on the fuel card provider. fuelGenie for example offer the following great fuel card benefits:

  • Savings of 3p+/litre by directing drivers to low-cost supermarket petrol stations*
  • Free to own and use
  • 24/7 online dashboard for easy management and admin
  • HMRC-approved invoices for easy VAT reclaim
  • Competitive credit facility with no minimum spend requirements
  • Unlimited number of free fuel cards
  • Drivers can also gain personal reward points using supermarket loyalty cards

Application Process

Each fuel card application varies depending on the business and requirements. fuelGenie has a simple fuel card application process that can be completed quickly and easily online. There are some details you need to have ready to complete your application and make it as quick and easy as possible to fill out the online application. The details of what is required for each company type are listed below.

Limited Companies / LLP / PLC

Make sure you have your company registration number, registered address and directors details ready before applying. You will also have the ability to set up your direct debit details for the account, but this can also be done at a later date if preferred. To set up a direct debit at this point you will also need the bank name, account number and sort code for the account.


If you are a charity you will need to have your registered charity number and registered address before completing your fuelGenie application. You can also set up a direct debit at this point or you can defer this until later. For a direct debit set up you will need your bank details, account number and sort code.

Sole Trader

Sole traders are required to have information on the name, date of birth and the home address of the company owner. At this point a direct debit can be set up for the account, bank details, account number and sort code are all required for this set-up. You can also defer setting up a direct debit until your application has been successful if preferred.


For a partnership applications details of the partners are required including the number of partners, the names and the date of birth and address of one of the partners. At this point you can also choose to set up a direct debit, bank details, account number and sort code are required to complete this set up.

Non-UK Company

For any non-UK companies, please get in contact with fuelGenie directly to discuss if you are eligible for a fuel card. You can get find the fuelGenie contact details on the contact page.

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